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raw sample file question


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I have a .wav sample I did convert it with openmpt to a .mod file and it works ok. Sound is exactly like the .wav.


When I use the sample playback playing the same .wav converted to .raw I get it not to work.


I did save it as raw headerless file both signed and unsigned and in 8-bit and 16-bit but the sound is much lower then the original .wav.

Then I did play around with the default playback rate in the _RAPU235.S file but nothing seems to change the output from the sample still sounds the same.

I would asume if I lower or increase the default bitrate I hear a difference in playback.


I already talked to Linko about his sound engine but he told me to ask the question here because he didn't know raptor aswell.


Maybe there is a limitation on sample playback and samplerate, or my output file isn't converted right. Can someone tell me which tool they use to create the .raw sample files or with which program they save/convert it with so I can do some tests with that.


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The sample rates are defined per sample, in _RAPU235.S. Please consult the Sound Engine manual for their format and the values to use for different frequencies.


I use CoolEdit to create samples, 16 khz, signed, 8bit, mono.

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Recently I made a batch file that uses sox to convert any wav file (possible all other types of sound files too) to the format the U235SE likes. I'll try to upload it here once I get home as it took away a lot of the pain of converting samples - it even supports batch conversion!


(Note to self: include that in rb+ too kthxbai)

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Hmm, apparently .bat file uploading is forbidden here so just copy/paste the following into a .bat file and drag&drop files to it. It will create a folder named "converted" and place all files there. The sample rate is set to 16kHz so you might want to tweak that to suit your needs.

rem Example of how to do batch processing with SoX on MS-Windows.
rem Place this file in the same folder as sox.exe (& rename it as appropriate).
rem You can then drag and drop a selection of files onto the batch file (or
rem onto a `short-cut' to it).
rem In this example, the converted files end up in a folder called `converted',
rem but this, of course, can be changed, as can the parameters to the sox
rem command.

cd %~dp0
mkdir converted
FOR %%A IN (%*) DO sox %%A --channels 1 --bits 8 --encoding signed-integer "converted\%%~nA.raw" --show-progress rate -v 16000

Hope this helps!


[EDIT]Of course when I said "I made" I meant to say "I botched up a sample from the sox package", at least I had to read the manual (once!) to look up all the conversion switches to use!

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