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Vectrex digital controller - Eagle PCB files


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Here is Vectrex digital controller pcb drawn in Eagle. This is designed to fit NeoGeoX controller.




Up and Right both use +5V common

Down and Left use -5V common

Buttons 1,2,3,4 use GND common

(4) 10K and (4) 3.3K resistors are 1/4 watt

(2) .125 amp fuse or wire jumpers if you don't wish to have +5V and -5V fused

Sega Genesis db9 cable works fine, just be sure to cut the db9 sides at an angle.


Upload to OSHpark.com and they will print (3) for around $14.30


Circuit design is from:



PCB guide for making a switch accessible Vectrex:-------------------------------------------------This information has been taken from Brian Holscher's excellent1995 guide (attached) on how to adapt a digital controller to workwith the Vectrex.Vectrex D9 Game Port pin-outs:1. button no.1 2. button no.2 3. button no.3 4. button no.4 5. X-axis6. Y-axis7. +5V 8. Gnd. 9. -5VSchematic:Joystick Direction Control:                     +5V (Pin 7)                      ^                      |     10K                   .__|__/\/\/\/\___.                 |                  |Joystick RIGHT  -|         3.3K     |(+socket)        | ._____/\/\/\/\___|                                    |                                    |                                    |-------- X Direction                           3.3K     |          (Pin 5)                   ._____/\/\/\/\___|                 |                  |Joystick LEFT   -|                  |(+socket)        | ._____/\/\/\/\___|                      |    10K                      |                    -5V (Pin 9)                     +5V (Pin 7)                      ^                      |    10K                   .__|__/\/\/\/\___.                 |                  |Joystick UP     -|         3.3K     |(+socket)        | ._____/\/\/\/\___|                                    |                                    |                                    |-------- Y Direction                           3.3K     |        (Pin 6)                   ._____/\/\/\/\___|                 |                  |Joystick DOWN   -|                  |(+socket)        | ._____/\/\/\/\___|                      |    10K                      |                    -5V (Pin 9)GAME BUTTONS 1,2,3 & 4:                   .________. (Pin 1)                 |Button 1        -|(+3.5mm socket)  | .________. (Pin 8 Gnd.)                   .________. (Pin 2)                 |Button 2        -|(+3.5mm socket)  | .________. (Pin 8 Gnd.)                   .________. (Pin 3)                 |Button 3        -|(+3.5mm socket)  | .________. (Pin 8 Gnd.)                   .________. (Pin 4)                 |Button 4        -|(+3.5mm socket)  | .________. (Pin 8 Gnd.)



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Built up the Vectrex pcb and controller and it works perfect. This is the way Scramble is suppose to be played.


NeoGeo X controller used as base. I replaced the joystick's microswitches, bearing, spring receiver from Seimitsu LS-56 controller. Shin Etsu grease used on the joystick. Use 1000 grit sand paper and sand the inside of the 8-way gate to prevent the spacer from sticking on the sides.


Seimitsu LB-30 balltop, Seimitsu 24mm screw in buttons. Cut down the sides of B & C buttons to fit flat.


Sanwa 110/187 quick connects and hard covers. Soldered, crimped, and then soldered.


Used a Sega brand Genesis db9 cable. Make sure to cut the corners off so it fits in the Vectrex controller port


Feet for bottom of controller are: 3M rubber pads .75 <--search for this on Amazon.com


most parts are sold at:





I use 3049 WH005 Alpha Wire 26awg stranded wire. Usually buy from mouser.com as they sell for cheaper than digikey (in this case anyway).



I do sell a 4-way gate for the NeoGeoX controller for $15. This would be good for games like Clean Sweep. PM me if you wish to buy one. Please note 8-way needs to be removed to install 4-way gate.


Here is how the gates work:

8-way gate is awesome for 8-way games, and not good for 4-way games

4-way gate is awesome for 4-way games, and horrible for 8-way games

2-way games tend to work fine with either gate



Bestsku.com sells a used NGX controller for $50. These are without original box, but controllers appear to be new.







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Success!!! After about 6 hours of work, I have a working Neo GeoX / Vectrex controller. :)


Thanks to grips03 for uploading his PCB design and also for the inspiration with using Neo Geo controllers as bases in general.. they're the best. :thumbsup:


I chose to upgrade a few things to make it function like an original AES controller and to also match the aesthetics of the Vectrex with Smoke colored parts which look awesome:

  • Seimitsu Buttons, Smoke (24mm)
  • Seimitsu LB39 Smoke colored Bubbletop (35mm)
  • Seimitsu LS56 Spring
  • Matsushita Microswitches (both switches and stiffer spring make a huge difference)

Controller was tested with Test Cart Rev.4 on my 72in1 cart and everything checked out first time around.. although my hot glue gun crapped out on me, everything came out perfect. Here's some pics..





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Just came across this, got a NGX stick this week to mod/improve for use on a real Neo Geo and then was thinking about doing the same for my Vectrex. Thanks for sharing the PCB design!


PS. Sorry for the old bump!


It needed a bump.


If you want to buy one pre-modded (NGX with pcb, etc) send a PM.

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