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RAM320XE/576 order thread


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RAM 320XE/576 - is a plug&play RAM card for ATARI 800XE, 130XE, and later 65XE (must be equipped with ECI port) that allows you to easily upgrade your computer up to 576kB of total RAM.




No soldering or even opening of the Atari is required!




The card supports several RAM configurations: 130XE, 320kB RAMBO, 320kB COMPY SHOP and finally 576kB RAMBO. The 130XE and 320kB COMPY SHOP modes fully support separate CPU/Antic banking. The PCB is profesionally made with a gold plated contacts.


All cards have a cartridge pass-through connector. Optionally, the ECI port pass-through connector can be added by me or any time later to allow another ECI device daisychaining. However, the enclosure have to be modified or removed depending of the proportions of the next device in the chain.




Covox audio option


RAM320XE/576 can be optionally equipped with a stereo four channel DAC, mapped to base address $280. You can use it with a Covox enabled programs like Neotracker, Protracker, Inertia Player, some music demos, etc. These programs have to be set to the $280 address in order to hear the sound.


The COVOX circuity can NOT be added later, because of the different main chip.




I'm accepting Paypal only. The prices are in CZK (Czech Crowns) to simplify paperwork on my side. Don't panic! The Paypal will transfer and convert the correct amount from your native currency automatically. Currently the 100CZK is roughly 4.55USD or 3.6 EUR.


The complete RAM320XE/576 card in enclosure 1200 CZK

The bare card without enclosure 950 CZK

Covox audio +200 CZK

ECI pass-through connector +50 CZK


Worldwide shipping for a whole package from 1 to 5 cards: 150 CZK

For bigger orders ask me.

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Hello ctirad


I'ld like to order two. Does it matter for which XE I want to use them? All my XE's (not counting the XEGSs) do have the ECI connector. Not sure about the case yet, but "+ECI connector" and "+Covox" for sure.


Two questions:

  1. I guess "ECI connector" means "no sticker on the top of the case"?
  2. What email address do I tell paypal it should send the money to?




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