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RAM320XE/576 order thread


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One hectic week is behind me and the Chtistmas Eve is tommorow.

More than 30 cards were sent to their happy (I hope) new owners.

No new orders until the January of 2015.


I wish Merry Christamas to all and Happy New Year!


Please take your time!


Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy 2015 to you and your family too!

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No, you will get the same as with a 48K or 64K machine. The only way that you can get more Basic ram is to use Basic XE's EXTEND command which puts the program in extended ram and put strings and arrays in main ram. Now, you type FRE(1) not FRE(0) and you'll see that you have 65520 bytes (apx) for your (really, really big) BXE programs. The typical use of expanded ram on an A8 is a ramdisk or data storage. I've used Basic XE's EXTEND in a couple of programs, but because I wanted more space for strings and arrays (and string arrays!)



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there isn`t that much of Covox software afaik...


- Neo-Tracker 1.6/1.7/1.8 by Epi requires min. of 128k RAM, should work with any Covox, since one can setup the memory adress of Covox (and many other things, like XRAM); MOD, NEO and SMP player

- Protracker 1.x by MadTeam, requires 128k RAM, the Covox memory adress is fixed ($D600?) so one has to patch it in order to use it with $D280, Protracker can edit and play MOD files

- Inertia 2.x/3.x/4.x by MadTeam, older 2.x versions work with 64k RAM, newer 3.x and 4.x versions require min. 128k RAM (support up to 1088k RAM); plays MOD files with 4bit/Pokey mono, 4Bit/Pokey stereo and 8Bit/Pokey+Covox stereo; requires a patch to work with $D280...

- XL-Digital by yerzmyey, works on 64k machines, a (NEO-) sound demo


Luckily there are thousands of MOD files readily available (from ST and Amiga) and one can use Neo-Tracker to convert them into NEO format (convert from 16Bit stereo into 8Bit stereo). Here are a few links:




Alas Epi`s homepage does not exist anymore, so I do not know where to find the latest versions of Neo-Tracker online atm.

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