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7800 Controller Based Select and Reset (and a joystick test)


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In case anyone didn't follow CPUWIZ's Dualshock 2 Adapter thread, we hashed out a standard for adding Select and Reset button functionality over standard joystick wiring. For convenience sake, I'll refer to it here as CBSR. I'm encouraging other 7800 homebrewers to support this software standard in their forthcoming games.


CBSR works by passing signals to the console via impossible port 1 joystick combinations (UDL=Reset, UDR=Select). From there, either a custom mod can pick up and act on the signal, or games can support the standard in software. (software would be for folks who don't want to mod their consoles)


With the Dualshock adapter, the support was implemented in a PIC, but one can add CBSR support to an existing standard controller with two momentary switches, and a few diodes, and a bit of wire.


I've gone ahead and implemented the software CBSR support in 7800basic, so any game developed in it that reads the Select and Reset switches will automatically support the standard.


I've attached a joystick test here as well, to assist with any efforts to create CBSR compatible sticks. (also useful for regular stick testing)




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Works perfectly and looks cool too, Albert should sell this on cart. I bet a lot of people that "refurbish" or simply just re-sell consoles, would love this.


I have confirmed with my DS2 adapter, the Reset and Select functionality works as advertised. :thumbsup:

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Glad to hear it worked out!


Thanks for the kind words on the stick test, man. I have some ideas for fleshing it out as a utility cart... in addition to the expected color bars and RAM test, I could put in some SaveKey and HSC management functions, a BIOS checksum display (wrote one of these a while back), and some TIA and Pokey tests. (the latter only if it finds an XM or Xboard)

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