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First game : Denderes Violence!

Retro Lord

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You are a zombie hunter and you have too rid the world of the undead. Use your mighty gun too blast the horrible ghouls back to the grave! Can you survive the hoard? And most importantly, can you survive the horrible super zombies?


I've worked out all the bugs I could find, if you find any bugs please report them. i have 1000kb of memory left so I got room for more content but I don't know what else to add, too me it feels complete.


Please leave honest comments and let me know what's good and what's bad.


Happy zombie killing!






DOWNLOAD : Denderes Violence.bin

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Really cool, very simple arcade style .The boss is great too, though I've not had a chance to beat it.


Just when I was about to give up, *BAM* Boss time. The sprites are really nice too. Like Pacgreg said, it could us a bit more variety, but other than that it is very charming. :D

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I'm thinking about doing a sequel and I just wanted too check if there is any interest for it.


The concept is the same as before. Kill waves of zombies and defeat the boss. But this time you stand in the center and zombies are coming left and right and you have to be quick too get them all. And I will take pacgreg's suggestion to heart and have random colors on the zombies for more variety. And have 3 different bosses. Maybe have a civilian running up too you during the wave that you have too save. I.E don't shoot! for added difficulty. This would be fairly simple to do since I would basically just have too modify the source of the original game slightly.


Thanks in advance for everyones support.

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It's a great first effort, Retro Lord. It's hard, I haven't been able to beat the boss yet! I think a few improvements could be made to this game or for a sequel. These are all just suggestions, its great for a first game and it's good as-is.


:arrow: Increase the speed of the player along with the zombies as the game progresses. I found myself wishing I could move up and down a bit faster. You could also add movement speed as an option with the difficulty switches.

:arrow: Add a few more unique enemy sprites for some variety.

:arrow: The boss is incredibly hard. Maybe use a health meter instead of a one-hit-one-kill death. That's possible using the minikernel that you're already using.

:arrow: Include a powerup of some kind, which improves replay value tremendously in my opinion. Have a way to get a life back or increase your health if you switch to a health meter. I could be a fast moving ball or missile that's hard to get while still taking the time to kill the zombie.

:arrow: You could also have limited shots and have to catch additional ammo that flies toward you or is randomly dropped by zombies.

:arrow: Experiment with the multisprite kernel or the DPC+ kernel and add more zombies to the screen at the same time.

:arrow: Have the zombies fire back at you.



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