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Trying to run the latest rar gave me the message "3464 Data type mismatch in criteria expression" and then "stop statement encountered". Then the program dialog disappeared.



so it does i will look into that now

the cause of this was the content check of the sprite_active box, i added code to check both 1, -1 and R_isactive / R_is_inactive, the field that holds the 1, -1 produces an error if queried with a blank string, fix is applied but i have noticed another issue, so i will fix that and release the patched exe. i don't know why i didn't see this error, i have run it quite a few times ????, who knows, who cares, fix will be later tonight

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'fixed issue where the program queries the value of R_sprite_active which is a blank string produces an 3464, Data type mismatch in criteria expression. error
'fixed issue where an error would be generated if you clicked the R_sprite_hbox / R_sprite_vbox calculation button with nothing in the R_sprite_bytewid / R_sprite_gwidth boxes
'fixed issue there an error would be generates if you clicked the convert R_sprite_scale_x / R_sprite_scale_y button when there is nothing in those boxes



Raptor Basic + Object List Editor 030716.rar

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for those who are interested or care, this project is not dead.


I have been doing a great deal of work on this over the past couple of weeks. one of the most important new features in the ability to create and use multiple object lists within the editor and your program using the exported files


making this work with multiple object lists has created a lot of extra work because what worked before is not suitable for multiple object lists. the features are being gone through and being tested of which the user 'Sporadic' is helping me test and add features


I will release a new binary soon when all features are in a working condition. there maybe a few inerrant issues at this time but nothing that will cause major issues I wouldn't of thought, most options have been tested now and just have to finish off.




if you wish to offer any sort of criticism good or bad that can be used for program enhancement, it needs to be left here, I seem to be only getting feedback from one person (named earlier) which to me seems like no one else is really using this to do anything with.


I have found this program very helpful in simplifying the objects of any rb+ program especially kaboom (which is still in development and the main reason for converting this to use multiple object lists to fix issues in the game), and it is my hope that it will encourage others to use the software to help get them going quickly but to make the software better I need feedback and requests for enhancements which no one is providing so I assume everyone is either not bothered or is happy

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merry Christmas all you ungrateful buggers :D, have a new version



'added windows menu system
'added support for multiple object lists (much code over multiple subroutines / functions)
'added windows like menu system
'changed dropdown box refresh code so that it is now possible to update only one box rather than updating all boxes to save processor cycles
'changed object list table to include object list number as a primary key (duplicate record prevention)
'added object list count check to 'add new object list'
'added object count check to 'add new object list'
'added the functionality to move objects between object lists within the current project
'added code to search for invalid characters in the object list names when selecting the project from the list
'added code to reorder all objects within each object list when moving objects around between lists to keep the numbering tidy
'patched a bug in the add object list functionality where if there are no objects with more than 1 repeat an error ould be generated (no good for new projects) - sporadicman
'added 'Add new object to selected project / object list' button by request of sporadicman, it was removed in favour of windows menus like most of the other buttons
'fixed issue where part of the delete project code did not function leaving behind some information in the database for the project the user was deleting
'fixed issue where the object list dropdown could be opened then clicking on the object box would generate an error
'moved bad character replace code into its own function so that it can be called more easily from multiple places
'fixed issue in the object dimension list export code i thought the object numbering would go back to 0 upon switching to another list, this was not the case and the objects are still defined between 0 - count of objects
'moved the object numbering code around in the moveobjecttolist form so that all the re ordering was done after the object move to keep the objects tidy
'fixed issue where you could select an object list and select a destination object list the same in the moveobjecttolist form, what's the point of moving an object to the list it already is?
'added code to fix issues with import object list which was causing a no current record error due to database table structure changes
'added code to allow the import of multiple object list files as well as single list files
'added code to prevent the renaming of object lists if the user cancels or attempts to specify a blank string to use for their name
'fixed issue where an error would be generated if no object list was selected before attempting to rename it
'replaced integer definitions in the xport object list code with short to save a little on jaguar ram
'fixed issue so that when moving moving objects the first position start at 0
'tidied up the object list and object dimension list exports
'added about form
'added an option to copy an object to a different object list in the same project
'fixed issue where saving objects on object lists greater than list 0 the data would not be saved
'fixed issue where md5 check would not work on object lists > 0
'added code to easily reorder a specified list (used for copy item to another list)
'added code to check that there are no object dimension name duplicated throughout the entire project, the list will only be able to be exported if there are no duplicates in the list
'added extra variables to object dimension list for LIST_<object list name>_Start which is useful for using rhit on multiple lists, usage - rhit(object - LIST_<object list name>_Start, object - LIST_<object list name>_Start, object - LIST_<object list name>_Start, object - LIST_<object list name>_Start)
'fixed issue with object list import code *again* that was caused by myself changing the automated list header layout
'added list start global index comment at the start of each list in rapinit.s (for assembly users) useful for certain functionality like collision detection that requires an index of the current list

List Editor 25 12 2016.rar

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it has become apparent that individuals *may* not know hot to set this up and use it, i have created a video that shows the basic setup and the creation of a simple program using the editor and related files.

perhaps with this more people will give it a go.


it isn't as streamlined as it could have been as i forgot to do certain things and had to go back and fourth, but it gives the general idea



see attached


list editor guide.wmv

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