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Team Pixelboy News Bulletin - December 25th 2014


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Hello ColecoVision fans. :)


I don't have any news to report today per say (I'm keeping the few news tidbit I have for the upcoming news bulletin of January 1st 2015) but I still used "News Bulletin" as the topic title just so people can find this thread more easely in the future.


So anyway, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Chrismas. I hope everyone here gets the presents they hoped for. :)


I'm afraid I don't have any new Team Pixelboy games to release today. I came very close to having Front Line SCE ready, but it didn't work out. But I do have a few Christmas presents to offer, which you can download at the bottom of this post! :D


First present: The ROM of Quest for the Golden Chalice

Second present: The ROM of Princess Quest, with permission from nanochess

Third present: The ROM of Digger, a new ColecoVision game graciously offered by Mystery Man!


Digger is the ColecoVision adaptation of an old PC game, and a clone of Mr Do. Please be advised that the game may still potentially contain some software bugs and is offered as-is.


As a fourth present, I'd like to offer some secret codes which haven't been revealed before, AFAIK:



Quest for the Golden Chalice:


1) Enter 444555 with the keypad at the title screen to unlock Quests 4 and 5. This is the code you receive when you reach the secret screen (the equivalent of the secret screen in Adventure on Atari 2600). Quest 5 is the randomized version of Quest 4, just like Quest 3 is the randomized version of Quest 2.


2) Enter SQUARE (708273) with the keypad to turn the player's character into a smiling square. The game plays exactly the same otherwise. This is also a code you receive when you reach the secret screen.


3) Enter 865336 with the keypad at the title screen, then enter 00 to 53 during the game to warp to any screen. You can also enter 99 to warp directly to the screen where Mardok the wizard is waiting for you, in Quests 4 and 5 (this is applicable to green and red dragon skill levels only). NOTE: You may get bizarre results if you use this secret debug feature in Quests 1, 2 or 3.


4) Sound test codes which you can enter at the title screen:

- 687421: Silence

- 687422: Main music

- 687423: Victory music

- 687424: Easter Egg music

- 687425: Dungeon music



Module Man:


1) Enter 385 at the title screen to activate the debug mode.


2) Enter 777111 at the title screen to unlock the deluxe mode. Deluxe mode offers one extra carryable item (the Magic Glasses) and I'll let you discover what this item does within the game. ;)


3) Enter 222666 at the title screen to access a hidden mini-game!



This concludes this new bulletin. We now return you to your regular Christmas activities. ;)




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thank you.


I played digger quite a bit on my tandy 1000. I thought that might work well on coleco. surprised u didn't release it cib.


The truth is, I've known about Digger for a while, but Mystery Man felt a little uneasy about releasing it to the public. To him, it wasn't worthy of being put on cartridge. Some time ago, I played with the game myself for a while and I found a bug that made the game freeze up, but I wasn't able to replicate it afterwards. That's why I included an "offered as-is" warning along with the ROM in the first post above.


I'm not really interested in publishing this game myself, yet Mystery Man told me he could be persuaded to allow the game to be published, for the right price and a couple of free copies of the game. Since he wants to remain anonymous, I am willing to act as middle-man to help make this happen. But the game needs some extra beta-testing, to try to find and fix that bug I encountered.



thanks for the roms & codes

Always better than Rum and Coke, that's what I always say. ;)

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I have an original PC DOS version of Digger. It's something of a closet classic, but sadly, the original only works on very specific versions of the original IBM PC. In fact, I think I corrupted my disk relatively recently trying it out on a slightly later model. In any case, I'm quite interested in trying the ColecoVision port out. Very cool!

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