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Team Pixelboy News Bulletin - December 25th 2014


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I have an original PC DOS version of Digger. It's something of a closet classic, but sadly, the original only works on very specific versions of the original IBM PC. In fact, I think I corrupted my disk relatively recently trying it out on a slightly later model. In any case, I'm quite interested in trying the ColecoVision port out. Very cool!

I totally forgot that I had this game back when it came out.

Have a look at this site, there are other versions there including an upgraded/remastered version.



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Has anyone managed to get these ROMs up and running on a Mac? My regular emulator (Mugrat) isn't recognizing them.


I tried them on Mugrat immediately. They all work perfectly for me (with the exception of Princess Quest--that one requires the SGM, and there is no OS X software emulation for that)! I am using version 0.4.3 from 9/2008. This is the latest version I've seen.


EDIT: I think I'm wrong about PQ requiring the SGM, and in this case, it seems unplayable on Mugrat for unknown reasons.

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Princess Quest uses the Megacart ROM scheme. In BlueMSX, you have to select the Megacart ROM type for Princess Quest and other Megacart game like Pacman Collection to run the game. I'm not familiar with Mugrat emulator if it have cartridge type selection.


Thank you for pointing that out. Unfortunately, Richard Bannister hasn't updated Mugrat in over 6 years, and there are very few configurable options like that.

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Yeah, correction, I can run the other two ROMs it looks like. Just not Princess Quest. I tried CocoaMSX, but it doesn't support ColecoVision yet. I wonder if the MSX original of Princess Quest was ever released publicly.


Princess Quest for MSX hasn't been released.

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