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Griffin Powermate spinner and Mame


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Is there anyway that Griffin powermate spiiner will work with mame version under windows XP?


Thanks so much


The Griffin Powermate Spinner will only work with versions of MAME that handle inputs different than its current default, which is also utilized by version 0.146.

Several years ago there was a change from DirectInput handling to RawInput handling.

You would need to compile your own version from the source with DirectInput enabled.


No promises, but this should do the trick...


Look in "src\osd\windows\input.c" and change:


// For testing purposes: force DirectInput




// For testing purposes: force DirectInput

Good luck!

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Thanks for much , I will give this a shot but I forgot to mention , I also have Mame 0.91 which works fine with the Powermate . Will this setting effect that version ?


MAME 0.91 may work out of the box with it.

You need to use the -mouse switch at the command line, I believe.

It has been confirmed to work with MAME 0.90:


"I tried one more time with older version of MAME (0.90b) and found Powermate to be working perfectly. When configured as mouse, Powermate works great as a spinner in games like Arkanoid or my favorite Tempest arcade. Built quality is great and I am planning to include Powermate on my DYI Arcade machine project. Highly recommend for all Tempest fans, great product for a fair price."


The aforementioned setting (changing the source) would not include a version as old as 0.91 (Jan 2005).

It is applicable to more recent versions in the last couple of years.


Again though, if you make the change to the recent source and compile, it should work the same as the results with the older 0.90 version of MAME.

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Grab the latest source code from here. You'll find it towards the bottom of the page.


Currently, it is mame0156s.zip [MAME and MESS 0.156 sources in ZIP format (all platforms)].


Or grab version 0.146 from here.


Unzip the source zip file.


Navigate to the path/folder:


Open the file "input.c" with an editor (Something as simple as Notepad will work fine) and make the necessary change.


Save the file.


Now you have to compile the source. Follow "The Easy Way" instructions listed here.

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I was having this same problem and stumbled across this thread in a google search. I was unable to get the older version of mame to compile and discovered an easier way. After performing the steps below my Griffin Powermate works perfectly in mame v122.


1) Open the Mame or MameUI executable with any hexadecimal editor.
2) Find the string "Root#RDP_" (try to find it in Ansi and Unicode). If your text editor doesn't support string searches, try in hexadecimal: Ansi hexadecimal "52 6F 6F 74 23 52 44 50 5F" or Unicode hexadecimal "52 00 6F 00 6F 00 74 00 23 00 52 00 44 00 50 00 5F 00").
3) Once you found the pattern, simply replace it by hexadecimal zeros and save the file. Note for non-programmers: don't confuse the 0 (zero) character with the 00 (hex zero). We need hex zeros here.

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