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FS: MSX Panasonic Turbo-R GT upgraded 1024K RAM & 192K VRAM


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I don't want to part with this but I really need a new car. For sale is my Panasonic Turbo-R FS-A1GT MSX computer. I bought it from the previous owner who upgraded the RAM to 1024K and VRAM to 192K. The floppy drive was replaced with an original Panasonic drive and belt too was also replaced. I will also include a spare belt. Make note of the last 2 pictures below. When I received this model the rubber along one spot of power cord was slightly melted. The inside wire is not exposed so I never had any problem, however I wrapped it in electrical tape as a precaution. Overall cosmetic is fair with scuff marks and logos fading, but the computer is 100% working.

$725 shipped within United States. Paypal only please. :)

16123182871_305494be8e_z.jpg009 by jimxk, on Flickr
16124368132_0c403b58f8_z.jpg003 by jimxk, on Flickr
15939025239_4fb8c05b3c_z.jpg004 by jimxk, on Flickr
15939359177_786ab0e0d2_z.jpg005 by jimxk, on Flickr
15505399013_3123028ff4_z.jpg006 by jimxk, on Flickr
15505398553_eca62bb1de_z.jpg007 by jimxk, on Flickr

15505398253_08f1345ec8_z.jpg008 by jimxk, on Flickr16099354316_a44d070cf1_z.jpg010 by jimxk, on Flickr

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Just want to make sure seven hundred and twenty five?

Yup. Panasonic Turbo-R computers are expensive. The lower end model Turbo-R ST, loosed & unmodified are going for $500 before shipping. A loose & unmodified Turbo-R GT is around $600. I up the price on mine because of all the memory upgrades and floppy drive.

The total price also includes S&H. I'll be using USPS Priority shipping with tracking, insurance, signature required. The computer will be packed with tons of bubble wrap to ensure it'll survive being tossed around during shipment.

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Wiki is showing only 5 games made for this. Is it backwards compatible, or can you only play Turbo R games? Forgive my ignorance, just learning about this PC.

Its backward compatible with all MSX1 and MSX2/2+ games. The only games it cannot play are the ones on cassette, since it doesn't have a cassette interface.

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