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TG-16 Season 5 / FINAL SOLDIER


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Greetings and Welcome to Season 5 of the TG-16/ PCE HSC!


This Season will be in Hu -Card format only.


Rounds will run for two weeks at a time...ending at midnight(GMT- 8) each round.) and will run from Sunday to Sunday (exception to round 1)


Standard HSC rules apply...exception is Autofire will be allowed on shooter games only. Pics are requested but not required. Emulation and any controller scheme is acceptable.


We will be playing all of the suggestions I received in a previous post.


Bonus games will be played during the season but not everytime.


Scoring will be as follows..25 for 1st down to 1 point for last place.


Manuals will be provided if they are available in English or Japanese. (If I do not post a manual and you have one..please upload it.)



Now on with the games..Good Luck to all and have fun!!!

TG-16 Season 5 Round 1: Final Soldier


post-34056-0-64439800-1419873200_thumb.png post-34056-0-61656400-1419873199_thumb.png

Settings: Default

Use any set up you want

ROM: Final Soldier (Japan).rar

Manual: fis.pdf

Round Ends: Midnight January 11 2015

Final Round Standings:

1 DonPedro 1.765.200

2. NIKON 1,156,000

3 Coleco1981 1,071,100

4LidLikeIntellivision 986,000

5. jibbajabba 746,000

6. roadrunner 325,500




1. DonPedro [25] (1) {1}


2. NIKON [24] (1)


3. COLECO1981 [23] (1)


4. LidLikesIntellivision [22](1)


5. jibbajabba [21] (1)


6. roadrunner [20] (1)


* [1] Points

(1) Rounds Played

{1}Rounds Won


*I have set up a CD HSC for the CD Players


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