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Arcade titles on Atari 2600


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Hello Friends


I need help on completion on this list of

Arcade titles ported to the Atari 2600:


Battlezone      Joust           Pole Position

Berzerk         Jr. Pac-Man     Q*Bert

Centipede       Jungle Hunt     Sinistar

Crazy Climber   Kangaroo        Sky Diver

Crossbow        Klax            Space Invaders

Crystal Castles Mario Bros.     Space War

Defender        Millipede       Star Ship

Defender II     Moon Patrol     Stargate

Dig Dug         Ms. Pac-Man     Tempest

Donkey Kong     Night Driver    Track & Field

Donkey Kong Jr. Outlaw          Vanguard

Elevator Action Pac-Man         Venture

Galaxian        Pengo           Warlords

Gravitar        Phoenix         Xevious


Some other titles missing?



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Thanks, NE146!


That's a great topic and posts!

Hate I missed posting on that one!




You're missing a LOT.. Check out this thread

http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.p...7112&highlight= .. only problem is you gotta wade through all the screenshots :lol:


I think Sniderman posted a comprehensive list recently as well. Just do a search :)

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Sorry ... this is the right URL


Arcade's Warlords




Burgertime and Bump N Jump...


thats just B's...



youre best bet is to look at KLOV and AA's rarity list and match the two up.


I thought that this should be OK, but then I found 2600's Warlords without it's proper link to Arcade's Warlords...

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I threw this together...


This is a list of "Official" ports of arcade games for the Atari 2600. "Official" in this case is defined that: the company that released the game had the legal right to do so, and used the same name as the original arcade game.


This list is based on the one Snider-Man posted to http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=18305 , which was an edited-down version of a cartridge list borrowed from a now-defunct website.


I cleaned it up a bit, went through a few relevant threads (including http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17112) to double-check for missing games, and picked up some additional info from AtariProtos.com. I also went through Atari Age's 2600 game listings and the KLOV, to see what else needed adding or editing out.


For this list, I only included games that had a direct arcade counterpart, as described above. In the case of some other games, they were based on games that other companies had produced, or had been produced for the arcade under different names. These games are not currently included. Some examples:


Arcade version:             2600 version:

Atari/Kee Games Sprint 2    Atari Indy 500
Atari Drag Race             Activision Dragster
Bally/Midway Clowns         Atari Circus
Cinematronics Space Wars    Atari Space War
Sega Deep Scan              Sega Sub/Scan


And so on. Even though most games of this sort are pretty obviously based on specific arcade games, this can get pretty fuzzy if you start including stuff like Activision's Megamania being based on Sega's Astro Blaster. At some point, I may make up an addition to this list including some of these games.


I also removed duplicate listings, such as Atari's re-release of some of Coleco's games. Only the original publisher is listed.


Also removed are games with titles similar to arcade games, but having nothing to do with them (Gauntlet, Krull, Tron Deadly Discs, etc.).


Also not included in this list are hacks or Homebrew games. I only included games that were official versions of arcade games. If a Homebrew author secures the official rights to produce an arcade port, I'll add it to the list.


Prototypes are listed separately at the end.


Disclaimer: This list is almost certainly incomplete, and probably contains a whole bunch of errors. Such is life, and the internet.


Activision    Commando 
Activision    Double Dragon 
Activision    Kung-Fu Master 
Activision    Rampage! 

Atari    Asteroids 
Atari    Basketball 
Atari    Battlezone 
Atari    Berzerk 
Atari    Breakout 
Atari    Canyon Bomber 
Atari    Centipede 
Atari    Crazy Climber 
Atari    Crossbow 
Atari    Crystal Castles 
Atari    Defender 
Atari    Defender II (AKA Stargate) 
Atari    Dig Dug 
Atari    Galaxian 
Atari    Gravitar 
Atari    Ikari Warriors
Atari    Joust 
Atari    Jr. Pac-Man 
Atari    Jungle Hunt 
Atari    Kangaroo 
Atari    Klax 
Atari    Mario Bros 
Atari    Millipede 
Atari    Missile Command 
Atari    Moon Patrol 
Atari    Ms. Pac-Man 
Atari    Night Driver 
Atari    Outlaw 
Atari    Pac-Man 
Atari    Pengo 
Atari    Phoenix 
Atari    Pole Position 
Atari    Road Runner 
Atari    Sky Diver
Atari    Space Invaders 
Atari    Stargate 
Atari    Super Breakout 
Atari    Track and Field 
Atari    Vanguard 
Atari    Warlords 
Atari    Xenophobe 

CBS Electronics    Blue Print 
CBS Electronics    Gorf 
CBS Electronics    Omega Race 
CBS Electronics    Solar Fox 
CBS Electronics    Wizard of Wor 

Coleco    Carnival
Coleco    Donkey Kong
Coleco    Donkey Kong Jr.
Coleco    Front Line
Coleco    Mouse Trap
Coleco    Mr. Do!
Coleco    Roc'N Rope
Coleco    Time Pilot
Coleco    Venture
Coleco    Zaxxon

Konami    Pooyan 
Konami    Strategy X 

M-Network    Bump 'N' Jump 
M-Network    Burger Time 
M-Network    Lock 'N' Chase 

Parker Brothers    Amidar 
Parker Brothers    Frogger 
Parker Brothers    Gyruss 
Parker Brothers    Mr. Do!'s Castle 
Parker Brothers    Popeye 
Parker Brothers    Q*Bert 
Parker Brothers    Q*bert's Qubes 
Parker Brothers    Reactor 
Parker Brothers    Sky Skipper 
Parker Brothers    Star Wars Arcade Game 
Parker Brothers    Super Cobra 
Parker Brothers    Tutankham 

Sears    Steeplechase

Sega    Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom 
Sega    Congo Bongo 
Sega    Spy Hunter 
Sega    Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator 
Sega    Tac/Scan 
Sega    Tapper 
Sega    Up'n Down 

Starpath    Frogger (The Official)

Tigervision    Espial
Tigervision    Polaris 
Tigervision    River Patrol
Tigervision    Springer


Atari    Elevator Action 
Atari    Elk Attack (working title for Electric Yo-Yo)
Atari    Millipede (GCC version)
Atari    Sinistar
Atari    Stunt Cycle
Atari    Tempest 
Atari    Xevious 

M-Network    Anteater
M-Network    Loco-Motion

UA Limited    Funky Fish
UA Limited    Pleiades 

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I still cannot get over what a good job they did on the Sinistar proto. I would like tat on a cart.


My only gripe is that it seems impossible to defeat the Sinistar, but they captured the essence of the game nicely. :)

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It's not impossible.


Although, it seems much more difficult in the more-complete version with functional sprite multiplexing.


That's the one I'm playing. Maybe the people who put the voice on Berzerk could put it on Sinistar also?


I'd love to hear 'Run Coward' coming from my 2600!

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Sears Steeplechase was an arcade port? Uh... I don't think so. Really?


And Elk Attack may have been based on Electric Yo-Yo, but it wasn't an arcade translation, just as Megamania wasn't an arcade translation of Astro Blaster.

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Sears Steeplechase was an arcade port? Uh... I don't think so. Really?



Atari released a Steeplechase arcade machine prior to it that was very close to the Search game for the 2600. It supported 6 players and the only control was a single jump button, whereas the 4 Atari 2600 players can also use the paddle to control the height of their jumps.



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*cough* Double-listing on Roc 'n Rope.


Oopsie. I'll fix that. (Had Venture on there twice, too.)


And I thought Elk Attack was 100% homebrew?


Well, according to this page, it was an unreleased Atari prototype. Whether or not is was actually intended to be a licensed port of Electric Yo-Yo is a guess. But given how close of a copy it is, and the unlikelihood of Atari releasing a game called Elk Attack with no elks in it, I would suspect that was the plan.

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Sears Steeplechase was an arcade port? Uh... I don't think so. Really?


I don't know how else to classify it. It was certainly based on the arcade game. It has the same basic gameplay, and the same name. It's as close as most of their other arcade to home translations.


I think it counts the same way Night Driver or Outlaw would.


Here's the Atari arcade version of Steeplechase (1975): http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter...r=&game_id=9787


And the Atari 2600 version of Steeplechase (1980): http://www.atariage.com/software_page.html...wareLabelID=508

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That's exactly the list that I was trying to do!

Do you have a webpage with this list?


Nope. Just the text file. If someone wants to use the list for a website, they're certainly welcome to do so.


Perhaps I'll put one together at some point, but I don't have any real plans for that right now.

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