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So, I was playing around with some binaries today....


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Wow, not bad. So what tweeking was needed on this?


Same methods as used on Bubble Bobble, Mercenary, Virus and Buggy Boy - dump the ST binary, and patch it up until it works.


Basic introduction here: http://reboot.atari.org/new-reboot/redirection.html


I still need to:


Patch the sprite routine to use the GPU (just like I did in Bubble Bobble)

Intercept the sample calls

Replace the music with the amiga modules (I hope the amiga had modules!)

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This looks awesome, I'd like to give it a go. You know what else was on the Atari ST? An excellent port of Gauntlet...... :) !


Speaking of which, I'd love to play Bubble Bobble on my Jag (just snapped it up on the cheap for 3DO). Have you made that available anywhere par chance?


Thanks CJ

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Well, what the hell.


I'm getting sick of all the stuff sat on my HD anyway - have a binary ;)




No audio - but otherwise seems to be ok. I'll keep plodding away at it I guess.


Can't get this running on the Skunk.


Also converted the file into a headerless rom, but still doesn't work.


The program seems to be flashed to the Skunk, but after that the screen stays black.

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Amiga version does not have mods btw: http://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/Rick_Dangerous


Can confirm the lack of mods. Was looking at the disk image last night...




... and we have a music.spl file from what I see.


Checked the Mod Archive and no luck finding Rick Dangerous files there either.


Thought I would try to help save time in one leg of the search.

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Well, you know this was forthcoming... New version with properly converted samples (damn it, what is it with indie jaguar coders and sound? Either they get the samples overdriven, or wrong sample rate, or, or or.... :P)


In any case, a non-ROM version including musics does look feasible now!


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