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Controller Extension Cord for Vectrex?


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I'd like to sit just a little further from my Vectrex, but none of the extension mods or pre-built cords I've tried will go far enough into the Vec to work. I've even trimmed some standard serial cables waaay down and they still don't fit. Where do you folks get controller extensions for projects and stuff?

Projects like this for instance (VecAdapt Auction):




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I had the same problem building my gadgets:

  • 2nd VECTREX-Controller (with autofire on buttons 3 and 4)
  • VECTREX-Lightpen
  • arcade-quality Colecovision-joystick
  • wheel for Colecovision/Turbo

My solution (please don't kill me): I bought Atari CX50 keyboard controllers, which I found cheaply (2€) and plenty on the internet, since obviously there are no really great games needing those. CX50 use fully connected cables (all 9 pins). Manny regular joystick cables only use five or six lines running through, which is not enough for VECTREX.


I cut off ( :thumbsdown: ) both cables, attached regular 9-pin male DSUB-connectors on the other end and am using those as two adapter cables for all my controllers and systems. Now I can use the cheap, bulky DSUB female connectors on the controller-side and still have the slim female connectors, fitting into original hardware, on the other side.

The CX50s can be refitted alike. Nothing is really destroyed( :thumbsup: ). Well I recycled one of the keypads for my Colecovision joystick anyways :twisted:.


What do you think about that?






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/\/\/\/\ Cool!


Is that lower controller a Coleco controller? If so, what are the knobs for? Doesn't the stick get in the way of the buttons?


Thanks for the tips. It sounds like I just wasn't aggressive enough trimming my Genesis extension cords to get them to work, so I will fix that shortly. For other systems, I've been able to hack up DB9 cords to fit almost everywhere but their construction just doesn't let me trim enough to get into the Vectrex. However, I'm emboldened by your example and will press forward with the trimming!

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Thanks a lot :)!


Yeah, it's for Coleco. The knobs control the auto-fire repetition rates of both of the fire-buttons independently. The switch is turning on and off auto-fire.

But I'm going to change the electronics in the future: using a 556 dual-timer proofed to be suboptimal. The oscillators keep on running, with the fire-buttons just interrupting the signals, which introduces an undefined delay, especially on lower repetition rates. Should have been thinking of that :twisted:. I'm going to use two independent 555-circuits, which I can switch on and off with the buttons, instead.

The positions of the fire buttons are ok. Not too much options left anyways.


The VECTREX connectors are extremely tight. I used a file to trim the dimensions of the CX50 connectors a tiny little bit, as you can see on the pictures.


Good luck!

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