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Buggy Boy, anyone?


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Wow! Dude your full of nice surprises and awesome! :grin: Very cool! I love buggies - even sandbuggies like this game has.(They have VW engines) I'll give it a try here in just a little bit. It looks fun tho, I like driving games. Your single handedly rebooting this community, extremely nice of you to share so much.


I can think of one thankfully now gone individual whose name is a four letter word and is named after a shooter coin op game and he used to boast, "There's Jag stuff on my hard drive, that runs in main has Jag powa, that you guys would drool over but will never ever see so, na na naaa na!" lol. Your like the polar opposite of him. :)


Your picking some really cool games to convert, I have a reverence for the Amazon rainforest, I support the National Arbor Day Foundation to try and save South and Central American rainforests, and finished the Pitfall Harry game on the Jag, so Rick Dangerous is cool subject matter for me to play a game about too. And love the driving genre also.

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You guessed it right Sh3rg: I was looking for some pic of Cyrano J and foudn nothing else than his avatar here.

What would be the more convenient:

- a Reboot logo? (I did not place a Reboot logo as the files are only on AA and not on Reboot site)

- a nude pic of CyranoJ (please do not validate that :-o )

- something else?


CyranoJ: I played the game a bit without having any crash. That's true that having the sounds would be excellent :thumbsup:

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Happy you like it guys. I did not understood the Christos pic: it seems to be related to Star Trek but I don't know it well enough to catch the idea ;)


I will update the Buggy boy cover as CyranoJ adopted a new avatar :D

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