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Harmony blues


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I am having trouble with my new cartridge. I cannot change over to Pal.

I have downloaded the usb software on 2 different computers running Windows XP

Both refuse to acknowledge the cartridge.

The cartridge works in my 2600 but the colours are garbled and the screen rolls. I have also been able to put games onto the sd card succesfully, but simply cannot get my computers to see the cartridge. Its asthough the usb is completely dead or invisible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You probably need the driver.



When you plug the Harmony cartridge into your computer, proper drivers are usually already included with your operating system and are installed automatically. If the drivers do not install automatically, you may download them for your operating system here. Make sure you download drivers for the FT232R chip.

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The correct drivers are installed. There is no sign of anything in the usb dialog box within hardware profiles. The sd card is working and downloading files with no problem and the cart appears to be working, just cannot swap over to pal as the computers wont recognise the cart.

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Didn't Fred release an update which just requires a file on the SD cart?

There's a beta of the upcoming 1.06 firmware that doesn't require the usb connection (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/226997-harmony-106-bios-beta/?do=findComment&comment=3067677) , but it's NTSC only at the moment, so it won't solve the rolling screen problem.

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You can flash the PAL 1.05 BIOS using the bios_updater.cu file. Just make sure the BIOS is the only one on the SD card.


By the way, the chip used on Harmony carts for the past year or so is the FT231X rather than the FT232R. Generally no drivers are necessary for Windows 7 or newer, OSX Mavericks or newer and for Linux (not sure on the version but it's not been necessary for years.) For older versions of Windows, you may need a driver. In Windows, it will appear as a COM port, not in the USB section of Device Manager.


Also, make sure you are using a real USB mini B cable. Some cables made for cameras or phones will physically plug in but are not wired correctly for Harmony.

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