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7800 Utility Cart


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I've been working on and off on a 7800 Utility Cart. It's not complete at this time, but I figured I'd release it in its current form in case anyone finds it handy.




It has the following completed menu items:

  • console info (region, bios crc16 value, report of detected pokey, memory@4000, and hsc)
  • joystick test
  • colorbars
  • internal ram test (ie. built-in ram)
  • external ram test (ie. memory@4000. If a known banked format is found, each bank is tested)
  • audio test (simple TIA and pokey test)
  • hsc management (format, rename)
There are menu items for hsc game deletion and atarivox management, but I haven't implemented those yet. Also, the hsc rename won't work on an uninitialized cart yet.


I've included a 128k bin for those wanting to test external memory with supergame cart hardware. If that's not you, then you want to use the 32k version.


Lastly, any software larger than "hello world" has bugs. I offer no warranty of fitness for any purpose with this software. e.g. don't get pissed at me if you try it out and somehow lose your precious hsc data.





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great work.....


It will be wonderful to finally have a utility/diagnostic cart for real hardware that actually provides clear, straight forward information, practical tests and utilities, in addition to color calibration (RevEng gives us the full 256 color chart too). The CPS Diagnostic cart is okay (at best)...but this is fantastic to have...Great work, indeed.

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