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What did you buy today?.........


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5 hours ago, rubeon said:

Didn't pick up too much at the London Gaming Market this weekend, but I did manage to get a shooter that I've been chasing for a while:


Haha-I'm actually from farther South in the USA than I live now, but it was Florida-when I moved here I first heard people use the expression "HellFire", for like, Wow, or even Darnit. 'Course, it actually comes out phonetically as "Hail Far"(Hail is two syllables...), because we talk a little funny around here.



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Oh, this was a HECK of a day!


Two boxed 5200's, one unboxed. A 7800. Three 2600's, a Vader and two six switchers.

Remote control 2600 joysticks(? Wow.), A 5200 roller controller and one that has been modified with a regular controller. Boxed Coleco, Boxed O2, boxed "Bookkeeper Kit" for the 800, boxed Atari 600xl, a Coco2, and a Vic 20.

Thassabout it. There's some games for the Odyssey2, and the Coleco, haven't looked thru them yet, still stunned.

Not sure about price dropping, but was a LOT cheaper than what I'd have expected.

Now to see if any of it works...





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Didn’t buy these today (Retropalooza about 3 weeks ago) but they’re my latest pickups.  

Lethal Enforcers in the big box w/Justifier & manual - Sega CD


Lethal Enforcers 2 (loose) - Sega CD


Who Shot Johnny Rock? (loose) - Sega CD


Clockwork Knight (loose) - Saturn


Pebble Beach (complete) - 3DO


Samurai Showdown (loose) - 3DO


Episode One Racer (loose) - Dreamcast


Afterburner (complete) - SMS


Tobal No. 1 (case & manual, no demo disc) - PS1


Battlemorph - Jaguar


Spider-Man multicart - SNES


Couple of 3DO demo discs



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