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What did you buy today?.........


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I bought the Game Boy games yesterday and the C64 games and N64 controller today. I know I have the EasyFlash 3 on the way, but I could not wait to play more C64 games. I got the N64 controller from Goodwill for $3.88. It looked like the cord had been chewed in a few places so I kind of took a gamble on it but at that price it was worth it as it works. I just covered the torn parts of the cable with electrical tape. I now have 4 OEM N64 controllers... now I just need friends to play with. 

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Having been enjoying the Switch Lite these last few months, I got curious about moving up to the regular model. A local shop had an Oled model in stock, and I used a 20% off coupon, so it was a pretty good deal. And they put some brand new joycons in for me because the old one had a drifty stick. It's surprisingly not as large in my hands as I thought it would be compared to the lite, and having the tv connection flexibility is nice.



However, I missed having a d-pad because I love fighting games. Someone recommended these Hori sticks, so I thought I'd try them, and fortunately my local Best Buy happened to have them on sale. They add some girth to grip onto as well which I like the feel of for playing certain games. 




I passed the Lite on to my wife, and she's been loving it. She got some Harry Potter game for it. We've got a newborn, and have been sleeping in shifts, so the Switch has been perfect for us during the late nights. 

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Got the soundtrack for Soukyuugurentai in the mail today. One of the best shooting games of all time deserves a beautiful OST and Sakimoto Hitoshi definitely provided it, so go play the game and listen to the music as well. Also got Kyuukyoku Tiger-Heli on Switch so I can be lazy and play Kyuukyoku Tiger in bed, but I have so far spent most of my time playing Teki-Paki instead since that's part of the collection.


USB drivers are being weird and I'm too lazy to fix them, so no pictures.

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On 2/23/2022 at 2:35 AM, RJ said:

You wont regret it!! Make sure to pick up Checkered Flag, Chip's Challenge, KLAX, Xybots, &  Zarlor Mercenary.

Not as exciting as the Lynx II, but I just received a re-cap set from console5 and a BennVenn rev6 screen replacement from videogameperfection.com


Now I just need to wait for some warm weather, so I can do some soldering in the garage.


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6 hours ago, Atari_Bill said:



A few more items to fill holes where I needed boxes. 


The Earth Dies Screaming was one of the very last 2600 games we bought, and we played the hell out of it even after we got the 5200.  Loved that game!

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5 minutes ago, rubeon said:

The Earth Dies Screaming was one of the very last 2600 games we bought, and we played the hell out of it even after we got the 5200.  Loved that game!

Twentieth Century Fox stuff has been really getting pricey lately. I was happy to grab this box that I’ve wanted for some time. 

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