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What did you buy today?.........


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4 hours ago, Leonard Smith said:

How do you move up and down?  Is that round hole where a joystick should be?

This one has a broken joystick.  I'm going to have to repair it,  probably with an Atari switch out of the parts box,  which should look close to original. 


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Got some really awesome stuff in the past few days. Vectrex:




Bought the new Toaplan collection last week. Met Uemura-san from Toaplan on Sunday and got him to sign all of my Toaplan games that he worked on. Also got Sato Go to sign my Thunder Force VI.










lol yes, that is the English version of Zero Wing and it does have the terrible yet awesome "All your base are belong to us" translation.

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Got this bad boy so I can now use the world's best controller, the mighty CX-52, with everything!




Haven't tried it out yet, but looking forward to hooking it up to the MiSTer.  Super Mario Bros. with the 5200 controller? Awrite!

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Returned from vacation and immediately came down with something.  ?  finally got the energy to unbox some goodies I’ve picked up recently.  

Sears Super Video Arcade carrying case. In rough shape, but the non Sears one is tough enough to find.  Sears version seems incredibly rare.  


Another Xonox box for the Colecovision collection. Made an offer on this one to get it. 



Had to grab this one at a great price.  The bottom is pretty torn as is a tear on the back, but other than that it’s nice.  



Finally, one of my personal holy grails.  My favorite arcade machine. Never thought I’d find an affordable box.  This one has the marker on it, but other than that NICE!  Happy to find this one at long last.  Will have to experiment a bit to see if the marker can be removed.  



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Not gaming related,  but...


I decided to start skating again at the ripe age of 44 and ordered this Santa Cruz Kendall reissue deck. It's been 30 years since I was on a board and apparently retained zero skill since I suck pretty bad now.  The ground is also harder than I remember. 


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