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What did you buy today?.........


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Today was a Mega Craigslist find for me. Some guy in North Jersey posted a bunch a stuff under Atari and I figured it would be the same old 2600 collection for $100 or so. Not this time, a RIDICULOUS Atari Jaguar Collection, many games still brand new, with a Jag and Jag CD. Could not believe it so I pounced on it.


I paid a couple of Hundred for the Jag stuff, a steal and really is in excellent condition.















Next I asked if he had anything else and he said Turbografx \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/. He sold me all the stuff below for $100.









Cool receipt showing the history of some of the games.



He tossed in this stuff below for buying all his other stuff.





Epic day, now to clear shelf space for my new found Jag and Turbo goodies.

Damn, you made off like a bandit. Enjoy!!! :cool:


In other news, I purchased my first "bootleg" off Aliexpress... :roll:



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Man that RULES!!!! Does it work with the game genie? Now that's the question!


I would assume so. Unless they've hacked the games to the extent that the logical address of data has been changed, 8-character codes should still work, and unlikely to interfere with the boot menu. My friend and I painstakenly beat MegaMan II with a Genie on real hardware with no save states. Infinite health codes will not save you from instant spike death traps! :skull:


I do still own a legit copy of Megaman II but the others are too pricey and unobtainable IMO. There's also a multicart MM1-6 + CV 1-2 floating about. It just feels wrong shoehorning Castlevania games into a Megaman multicart. I own legit copies of CV I and III (CV II sucks IMO). Also CV III being MMC5 and not working on clone hardware, no wonder it isn't included.


I may also pick up the 150-in-1 also as it seems to be a pretty good selection of unique titles. The 300-in-1 and 450-in-1 appear to include a bunch of junk pirate ROM hacks (ie sprite / level hack of Mario, Sonic, or DK into another game) or games with multiple stages split across multiple ROMs, ie Contra 1,2,3,4,5,6...


I draw the line with fake single game pirates that are 1:1 clone copies of original rare games. Don't buy anything that could be mistaken for genuine originals. There's enough of that crap in circulation to ruin the collectors hobby.

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Today I renewed my subscription to Atari Age for another year.

$30.00 per year is only $2.50 per month. That's quite a value in entertainment if you ask me.

Less than a single cup off coffee for a months worth of fun.




What do you get when you pay? I wasn't even aware of a pay service?


Arcade Card, Finally!!1 Great Deal and was too cheap to pass up. GREAT condition.



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I was pleasantly surprised at how well my family did at getting me a few things for X-Mas game wise. Didn't really expect anything but the new stuff..thought the retro stuff would be a no go but...The Mrs. did a great job!. (She also got me a Retron 5)



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Picked these two up off of eBay around Xmas:




I had originally won an auction for Hyperchase. My wife's earliest gaming memory was playing this game at her dentist's office, which is weird, but awesome at the same time. But she always said that she wanted to play it again someday, so I thought I'd surprise her for Xmas with it. Well, the package came, and Clean Sweep was in the box. :mad:


I immediately messaged the guy. He shipped out the wrong game, and he gave me two options: I could ship it back at his expense while he sent out Hyperchase, or I could pay for Clean Sweep. He offered it to me at a reasonable price, so I took the deal! Both games are boxed with overlays, but only Hyperchase has the instructions. Came out to roughly $20/game, which isn't the best deal in the world, but I'll pay that all day to relive the memories with the wife. Plus, boxed Vectrex games are getting tough to find!


Oh, and no pics, but someone gave my dad 2 original Playstations at the town "swap shop" at the transfer station where he volunteers after talking about how I collect old games. Both are early consoles with all the ports and even the covers. One had NHL 2000 in there, and they both came with non-analog controllers. Free is free!

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