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What did you buy today?.........


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Got me a new Neo Geo game. Aggressors of Dark Combat (Gan Gan) Obviously another fighting game but it's like Streets of Rage style fighting. The game's major innovation is the ability to walk into the background, in a similar manner to some 1980s arcade fighting games like Taito's Violence Fight, SNK's Street Smart and Atari's Pit-Fighter. Because of this, unlike many other 2D fighting games, the game uses one action button to jump, and does not use the "D" button, unlike many SNK fighting games. Only two action buttons are used for attacking (punch and kick); instead, grappling and grabbing opponents is the focus of the gameplay: opponents can counter being grabbed and break free as well. Also featured is weapon play (another mechanic akin to beat 'em ups). Weapons can be picked up and thrown, or used in special and standard attacks. Weapons are thrown into the ring by spectators in the background.




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This past week was a good one. A little bit of everything.

Karnov's Revenge/Fighters History Dynamite. A decidedly average fighting game that borrows a lot from Street Fighter 2. The game controls like a dream however and has some really good graphics.

EVERDRIVE!!! Got this for $50 shipped full loaded!! It even has the System Cards so I can finally play that Awful copy of Altered Beast I have.



3DO. Never had the top loader version. Years ago I had the front loader. Cool system, I really love The Need for Speed. So nostalgic and back in the 90's my mom had a Supra so I begged for this game so I could at least try to drive it.





Sorry for the heavy pics but it was a partially good week.

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Been a busy bee since i got back on the road Feb 28th. Here's the following pick ups:


Atari blaster auto fire module

Gameboy sp orange Tokyo pokemon edition

A8 astrology grover

A8 major league hockey

A8 cxl4019 store demo cat silver with manual

A8 atari 810 drive test cart Rev 0 /burn

A8 sea horse hide n seek

A8 pronto cart 147235

A8 pronto cart 235406

A8 target v 1.15

A8 target v 1.15 (2nd one )

Snes space football manual

Snes pinocchio display box (says display only)

Snes kirby avalanche box only



Still 2 weeks before I come home

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Got a Sears Video Arcade 2 controller at Game Over Video Games for $10. Always wanted to get one of these especially the two in one joystick and paddle controller. I tested it out and it works flawlessly. Reccommended for use with paddle controller games rather than joystick games as it has the awkward feel like the 7800 joystick.



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Grabbed a bunch of games from the local store today. Nothing much that sticks out, since I'm still trying to build up my collection, but I'm working on it.




Boxed copies of Venture and Activision's Kaboom!. Both CIB, and in pretty good shape overall. These are the only boxed games I got this time, though.




Kaboom again, along with Spider Fighter, Freeway, and Frostbite. I'd also gotten a copy of Enduro, but sadly, it doesn't seem to work, even with vigorous amounts of cleaning. Oh well. I'll take it back and swap it for another one another day.




Of some note, I like how my copy of Freeway is pretty much spotless; only seems to have a few marks on the end label, to keep it from being utterly perfect. Activision games have such nice, vibrant labels, so it's a shame that so many of them by now are kinda ruddy-looking. But what can you do? At least most of them still play great.




Another Activision great: Beamrider! I love this game. Never tried the other versions of it, but I love this one. I'm slowly getting better at it.




Demon Attack and Dragonfire, by Imagic. I am so bad at Dragonfire. Always have been.




Breakout and Dodge 'Em, text label versions. Nothing fancy. Dodge 'Em is infuriatingly hard, but I still enjoy it.




New 7800 games I picked up, as well. Joust, Galaga, Xevious, Robotron 2084, and Food Fight. The labels are kinda... dull-looking, but, the games themselves are great. Robotron and Food Fight especially.




ColecoVision games! Granted, my CV hasn't arrived yet, so I have no way of knowing if these work yet. I bought them in advance, just to start up my collection of games for the system, which is only including Donkey Kong. I'm not really that worried, though; the guy who runs the shop is a real nice guy. Totally willing to replace defective carts and/or help clean and repair them.




I was especially pleased to have found a copy of Frenzy at the store. It's easily my favorite game to play on the CV flashback, so I definitely look forward to giving it a go on the real deal.




Happily, Mouse Trap also included the original overlays, hidden away on the back. Convenient!


There were a bunch of games at the store I didn't get, though. I found a copy of Jungle Hunt for the Colecovision, marked at forty bucks, and didn't realize at the time it was a pretty rare Atarisoft find. Similarly with Spectravision's Master Builder, for the Atari 2600; it was marked at like, ninety bucks (in CAD, so, that'd be just shy of seventy bucks in "real" money), so I don't know if that's a good price or not. Then again, I'm not particularly interested in "rare" games at the moment -- at least, not if they aren't sold at a reasonable price, or aren't fun games to play. :P

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Added an atrium 65xe/130xe ver 3.4 diagnostic cart tonight to go with a 1982 version of dig dug.. had the 1983 version and this will make a matching pair.


Also working on another deal for 6 more . Few new carts few are variations. When will the A8 insanity end

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Couldn't help myself today someone listed on ebay yesterday a CIB copy.of crystal castles for the xe at a steal of a price with free shipping. Well cheaper than I've seen the cart list for loose on ebay.


Needless to say I jumped on it and my loose crystal castle with manual for the xe will now move to my duplicates and trade bait bin

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