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  • 4 weeks later...

I finally got around to creating my first adventure late in 2014. A simple riddle adventure game called 'The Locked Room'. For as small as it is, it took me a while to get it all figured out. I had to read the manual of course (most of us IT guys never read the manual) and after reading it and going back to other parts, it finally clicked. The Locked Room can be found on the FTP site under my directory. Give it a whirl..No treasures to find, just have to accomplish 3 simple tasks.


I plan on creating some more in-depth adventures with the Adventure Editor, but finding the time is another thing.


I actually have a small section on a review of the Adventure Editor in my upcoming newsletter.



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I had this editor when it first came out. Felt bad when I didn't make any full games out of it. Had a bug in my code, where there was a high random percentage you would get sent to a "prison cell" room. Never figured out why until later. Was my own fault.

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I found the TOD Editor online, but can't find the Adventure Editor. I stumbled on this year-old post. Anyone have a lead?


Here you all go...


If you are using an emulator like Classic99 it can be mounted directly.


If you want to get it to your TI you will need to open the DSK file of course and copy the files out of it and convert to TIFILES headers before XFER to the TI.


If you have any questions on the programming let me know. I can try to help. I have written two adventure games with this editor.


It takes some getting used to for the code but once you have it down it's fairly easy.


I recommend mapping out everything before you start programming for Objects, Nouns, Verbs, locations, Flags, etc..





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Yes indeed, Tex-Comp did sell the editor back in the days of catalogs... in fact, they were the only distributor of it. My understanding is that the actual editor was created by a fellow in Germany and Tex-Comp got exclusive rights to distribute the software.


And not to bring drama into it, but the owner of Tex-Comp (or one of them) was very, ahem, protective of his stuff and has attacked people in the past for posting it up for download. Enough that for a long time you couldn't find it openly available. I had my own run-in with the fellow some years ago on the Yahoo 99'ers group...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I actually have the manual for it in German. . .as a set of A4 printed sheets bound together with string through the binder holes. I'd have to double-check, but I believe they were original direct prints on a dot matrix printer too.



I found this one in my piles :)

But I think this is different to yours ?



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You have the same one I do, Schmitzi. Mine is just an original printout of the documentation. I believe my copy actually originated with Mr. Weiand. I was in indirect contact with him near the beginning of my time in Germany (through one of my friends that he knew).

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Finally! I now found Adventure Editor on this forum! I was looking for it very long time! I downloaded them into my system. Thanks!


I purchased it when it was new and finally got around to figuring it out a couple of years ago. Once you have the APL figured out it all falls in place. It took a bit for it to click with me. I recommend starting out with a very small adventure to get your brain wrapped around the syntax. Then when you move to a bigger one map it all out first with rooms, objects, treasures, secrets, etc..


You can download mine from the FTP site.

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  • 9 months later...

I'll have to give this a try. Thanks for posting the files.

A few years back we had a micro interactive fiction competition which ended up with only 2 entries :( (Mine is below and accepts natural language input). Trying to build an adventure from scratch is very tough, so having some sort of software help will go a long way.



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