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P R O ( C ) A T A R I Fanzine - Issue #4 in English


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Mind you trying to find UK A8 Commercial coders who have'nt moved abroad or dissapeared or those involved in distrubution of A8 software


If you visit the Replay Expo in Manchester, you'll probably find Jeff Minter there. He's always got people coming up to him and giving him interviews.

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Met Minter years back during Back In Time:Live, outstanding bloke, really down to earth, happy to chat etc.

Signed my copy of Jaguar Tempest 2000 :-)
Tried a few times to contact him for interviews, initally for ST Gamer, then to ask about Lynx Star Raiders.Never had anything back, cue me asking kind soul on here to Tweet him on my behalf, we got the answer, :-).
Other than that, i just had his EDGE interviews put up on here.
Think it'd have to be an interview in person, like you say, but i live miles away from Retro events so sadly not an option.
Mind you Saturn Waterworld coder did suggest an interview, in USA, so i suppose Minter is a closer option :-)
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...and more expensive in manufacturing, grummel...

This is why I ask everytime forf support.

And 2015 was until now a perfect year for PRO ( C ) ATARI magazine...

So keep us the good work and let the flame of atari burn forever, and not only in our hearts...


Thanks for all your nice words and support the past weeks!

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Steve, in australia time clock running maybe different ;)


But atari maniacs out there:

it will be a really amazing issue coming up.


did you played INTO DEEP I reviewed in #4?

I remember when I typed in this game as endless data-line desert in happy computr magazine.

but it was worth any minute when I played this cool game.

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