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Marvelous Dash.


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  • TeamTAP must be in port 1
  • TeamTAP must be connected at boot

Can someone please test with/without TeamTAP please?



  • Replaced cracker text with original message
  • Removed Press F1 to continue



Assuming TeamTAP works I think this is complete, aside from audio now.

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Hell Yeah!!!, this was a great favorite back in the day, a group of friends and I used to ride around in a friends Chevy Cheyenne Blazer, trying to score pot, we would usually score, go smoke Graffix bongs and then go to the arcade and play this!!! all of us would take turns, playing the winners. :) Super Sprint yeah! Awesome thanks CJ!!!!!!!! :D and teamtap support ftw!!! You know you've been so inspiring here recently, it's like a dream to have daily Jaguar releases!, this is just great! Cool! You got mad skillz bro! So I've decided to get off my ass and start releasing something for people too, all I can do is lowly cinepaks, lol, so i've started uploading anyways. If I get 1 download on my mega account that's good - I did something cool for somebody. I am currently opening threads for my previous Jaguarsector exclusive releases that I want to make available for people again, going to do two tonite and one other soon and more hopefully. The two tonite are: the American Hero Cinepak Film Compilation(3 discs) -all the short clips used in making the AH Gamefilm CD game arranged as best I could in order - compiled from the JS2 Atari Headquarters AH DVD release(at the request of AA member: ChrisWR) and also the JS2 Atari HQ Jaguar 1993 Press Conference DVD release, in Cinepak format. Tomorrow I'll do the 1995 Electronic Entertainment Expo Cinepak.


It's time to: "LAY LOW THE RAMPARTS" - Hellraiser quote. haha! :) and let the flood of jag stuff ensue. :)

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I don't know much about the Jag's sound, how hard would it be to port something like Hatari's YM emulation code to the Jaguar? e.g. http://hg.tuxfamily.org/mercurialroot/hatari/hatari/file/b825febc915f/src/sound.c


These ST->Jag ports are amazing, going to have to try them for myself...

There are a couple of people working on YM emulators, but neither is finished yet.

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