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The Gizzle Wap and The Strange Red Tree (Final Version)

Mountain King

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You gather fruit, up to 4 at a time and return to the red tree. You will notice a butterfly creature trying to pull the tree out of the ground. Touch the tree and you will reset the fruit count. Collect about 20 fruit and the butterfly will be strong enough to pull the tree out of the ground. Let it pull the tree off the screen. Then one of the trees in the forest, the next screen over, you will see a hole appear in the trunk, jump in the hole and it will initiate the boss fight.


I should slow down the ant and reduce the height it jumps.

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Very cool. With a little cheating I was able to make it to the boss fight.


Another thing I noticed is that you can wrap your health back to full in the boss fight if you keep jumping to the side when the boss hits you. Effectively making you invincible.


Looking forward to the next build with easier ants!

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Alright I took apart my code and put it back together, or at least it feels that way. Thanks Zack Attack for finding those bugs.


1. I changed the health bar routine so it's not possible to flip it back to full health.

2. I added a little bump back when you get hit by an enemy.

3. changed the position of the lightning moth to in front of you when you hold down fire button. That way you can no longer sit at the edge spamming the fire button to kill the boss or the crab. this in turn has made the crab much more dangerous. With the combination of #2 he can actually lift you up and do major damage.

4. To compensate and minimize the crab damage, the crab will move away from you once he hits you.

5. The ant moves slower and doesn't jump as high.

6. The wasp now shoots at you and has changed color to look a little more like a Tarantula Hawk. (Google them if you don't know what they are)

7. The boss is bigger now.

8. Overall difficulty has increased, so I scaled back the damage all the monsters do.

9. Added additional animation to the death scene.

10. game loops correctly if you beat the boss. (progressive difficulty coming soon)

11. oh and fixed the random position of the "fruit"


Enjoy, let me know what you think.



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I keep running into a situation where the screen doesn't change anymore. Instead he just falls off the level in the PF0 region. It seems to happen when you collect a fruit and no enemy appears.


The changes are nice. I think they improved playability.

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I knew this road block would come sooner or later. With DPC+ and the virtual sprites, you can't seem to call an individual virtual sprite collision, example "Collision (player5,missile0)". You can only call, "Collision (player1,missile0)". If you have multiple virtual sprite the collision affect all the sprites on the screen. The example I have has 3 virtual sprite. I require 3 hits to remove them all from play "q controls number of hits" the first hit will shut off sprite 3, the second hit will shut off sprite 2 and the third hit will finish off the fight. But even if I hit sprite 1 first it will still remove the sprites in order. Any suggestion on how I can remove each sprite as they are being hit?


if _monster=0 then goto __multi
if _monster=6 then goto __inv62
if q=1 then s{3}=0:player6y=200
if q=2 then s{2}=0:player5y=200
if q=3 then goto __dead
if collision(player1,missile0) && joy0fire then q=q+1:goto __mon



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Sounds like you need to use the sprite coordinates to determine which sprite is closest to the missile instead of the collision() function. Or, you could pretend you hit the leader and make them all disappear at the same time after x number of hits occur.

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Btw, the falling off in PF0 region bug still exists, it just has 3 monsters going crazy when it happens now. You are able to reproduce this bug right?


I suppose the biggest challenge with the coordinates is that you can't compare them directly because the widths of both objects are greater than one. So you need to create a hitbox for each and then test if the hitboxes intersect.


Personally I would probably just mask off the lower bits of each coordinate and compare them like that. Chances are that would produce correct results most of the time. It would look something like this:

 if (monster0.x & $e0)=(missile0.x & $0e) AND (monster0.y & $e0)=(missile0.y & $e0) then gosub HideMonster0

Of course you could always just go back to no monsters 25% of the time. Though getting ambushed does look cooler.

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Nice job. I played through a couple times and didn't see any bugs. I wish my game was progressing this quickly.


Have you considered making the boss behave less random? Maybe he could move in a preset path and then randomly choose between a few different attack types. Like moving left to right at the top of the screen and then swooping down at you. Maybe he'd only take damage when he's in certain states. It could make it feel more boss like. Assuming you haven't already run out of resources or moved on to the next project.

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Random, yes the color scheme is way too dark for my liking on a real TV. Lightening everything is in the to do list.


Zackattack, one thing I really enjoyed on thus project was coming up with different behavior for different sprite. I took inspiration from the game Spacemaster X-7 where each type of missile attacked you differently. Initially the boss relied on the play field in its behavior. Now I have 2 random values that control his behavior on top of his relation to the player. I've been wanting to play with AI some more.

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Added a couple of things and reworked the level progression


1. Added a cloud fruit sprite to replace the ball

2. The game gets progressively harder as you go along. Enemies will do more damage and appear in greater number.

3. Added a fall screen to the boss so it does not start right away

4. The game will appear to freeze if you beat the boss. Wait about 2 seconds then if you press the fire button it will advance you to the next level.(I am still working on this)

5. Added a Bird creature. He will heal you just jump up and touch him. Don't shoot your friends. You may not see him until level 3.


Enjoy. I'd like to get a gauge on how hard or easy this game is. What level are you able to get to?



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Finally got a chance to try the latest build. I only beat the boss once. I thought it crashed until I read your post and didn't have time to try again. Here's some more feedback.


1. The only enemy I encountered was the wasp. Is that all you get on level one?

2. Using a sprite for the fruit is a huge improvement. Stands out much better now.

3. There is some inconsistent behavior when firing the moth. Sometimes pressing fire is all that is needed, other times you have to hold a direction too. I may not fully understand the controls.

4. I think you should force the player to remain on the screen when the butterflies are pulling the tree out of the ground.


Looking forward to your next update.

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Thanks Zackattack. I'm in the middle of pulling the code apart and putting it back together again. I've been really torn about level progression. The last build basically follows:

level 1 Wasp, boss

level 2 ant, boss

level 3 crab, bird, boss

level 4 wasp/ant combo, crab, bird, boss

level 5 wasp/ant, wasp/crab, ant/crab, ant, wasp, crab, bird, boss


My dilemma, am I giving the player too little or too much to fight? After level 3 the monsters get really nasty and do a lot of damage.

I've just written code for a the final boss who is really nasty and aggressive.


I will take your advice about keeping the player while the butterflies pull the tree out. I was running low on space in bank 2 and since then I freed up some space and can implement that code.


As for the controls the way they are supposed to work:

Hold the button in and you hold the moth in front of you to be used as a shield. If you press up at the same time you will jump and release the moth. If you jump and while you are in the air, press the button and pull down you will position the moth underneath you.

The Moth was supposed to be fairly random and hard to control. But I can appreciate that it might be frustrating to the player.

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I've definitely seem some occasions where holding the button just continually fires the moth instead of it hanging out in front of you. Seems to happen most often when you take damage while holding up and button.


I miss having the variety of enemies that the previous build had. Maybe you could introduce new enemies each time you add a butterfly to the tree screen. It might help hint to the player that should keep collecting more fruit even though they're going in circles. Just a thought. Either way I still enjoy playing it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry it's been a while. Real life stuff caught up with me. And I'm not quite where I want to be in this game. Had some issues. I'm really having issues with Titlescreens. The game begs for one. Is there a good tutorial I can try out somewhere? Anyway here is the latest version.


1. Added a score.

2. Fixed the missile, (moth) fires more consistently now. It will launch if you get hit by a monster. But I think i'll keep that in. It seems to work.

3. Added some sound. A buzz when the Gizzle Wap gets hit and a plink sound when monster gets hit.

4. Touching the bird allows you to eat the next fruit you find and will heal you completely. You will not get credit for the fruit.

5. The Gizzle Wap no longer sinks into the ground.

6. Changed level progression yet again. This one's a little more varied.

7. You are now trapped on the screen when the Butterflies pull the tree out of the ground, advancing you to the next stage of the level.

8. The Invicta (bosses) are more elusive with their hiding place. Once you remove the tree, you will need to look for something out of place, a branch, a tree trunk. Touch it and it will reveal the Invicta's hiding place. You may need to reverse directions in your travel to find some of them.

9. Changed the Victory screen slightly, so it no longer looks like the game freezes. It is still not finished.

10. Gave the Red tree a face.


That's all I can think of that I changed. Enjoy.


Oh wait the final final boss is in the game. He's hard to get to. And if you beat him the game will do weird things. I'm still working on that.



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