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The Gizzle Wap and The Strange Red Tree (Final Version)

Mountain King

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This is the Final Version Ready for Al. :)

Update 69 (final)

1. Fixed a minor bug where the Gizzle Wap did not animate after beating the Invicta. He's happier now too.

2. Game Play update. Dropping off fruit at the tree is now optional. Accumulative fruit count no longer goes down. This is to accommodate people who don't read the instruction manual. You know who you are. If you do drop off fruit at the tree your accumulative fruit count will increase by the number of fruit you have in your possession. (Caution) The Pegsi will still take your fruit so it is possible that you may be left with no fruit for the Invicta fight.

3. Accumulative fruit count is now level based. 10+(current) Level

4. With the left Difficulty switch set to A, you may only carry 2 Cloud fruit at a time.

5. The tree "laughs" at you when you are defeated.

6. Crickets can be heard in the Zazzle Clearing if you beat the game.


Thank you for trying the game.


P.S. FinalA Has the title screen music corrected.



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Feels like all the little changes made for a large improvement in gameplay.


Would it be possible to have a mode where the moth travels straight in whichever direction you're holding the joystick when the button is pressed? Maybe the difficulty switch could choose.

After getting feed back from players after the Portland and Austin shows and since I still have some time to make changes, I have reduced the difficulty of the game. I also took ZackAttack's advice on adding a difficulty mode that changes the Zazzle Fly's flight path.


Update 72:

1. Reduced the amount of damage enemies do to the Gizzle Wap.

2. Changed the Zazzle fly's flight path to be a vertical zig zag when the right difficulty switch is set to B. This makes fighting the crab and the invicta minors a little easier. I personally think it makes fighting the wasp and the Invicta Prime harder. It also makes getting the Easter Egg harder.

3. With the right difficulty switch is set to A the Zazzle Fly flies diagonally as I originally intended. You do get extra points if you defeat the the Invicta Prime at the end.

4. Changed the Crab sprite to look less like a spider. (Yes I took Pac-Man Red's sprite from the free sprites for the taking thread)

5. Fixed a bug where the Zazzle fly stayed on the screen in the victory and ending animations.

6. The red tree is less psychotic.

7. Fixed a bug where the Red tree did not show up as a double wide sprite on the death animation.

8. Fixed the death animation screen where the scene ended too quickly

9. Fixed the Gizzle Wap death sprite so he doesn't look up again after falling down.

10. Fixed a major bug where you could die in the ending scene if you had the right difficulty switch set to A and you let the scene run too long.


With these changes I actually beat my own game for the first time without cheating.





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I finally got Batari working again and when through my code and removed some redundant and useless code. Doing this freed up some space and allowed me to add some things.


Update 80

1. Changed the Difficulty switches.

Left A-You may only carry 2 fruit at a time and the Zazzle fly flies diagonally

Left B-You May carry 4 fruit and the Zazzle fly flies vertically

Right A-You take damage over time from the tree's poison and there is a 1 in 4 chance the wasp will eat one of your fruit if he gets to the ground

Right B - You are immune to the tree's poison and the wasp won't eat your fruit.

2. Fixed a few bugs where you could press the fire button immediately after the level ended and mess up some of the sprites.

3. Fixed a bug that I ignored early in development where the Invicta's hiding place wouldn't show up on the Pink flower tree screen. (I removed this hiding place completely) It's now back.

4. Invicta's lairs are now harder to find. You really have to look closely to find some of the triggers. The Invicta Prime's lair is especially difficult to find.

5. I was told that part of the fun of the game was looking for the Invicta's lair. So now there are double the hiding places.

6. Changed the 5th and 6th invicta colors to blue so they stand out better against the red tree backround.

7. The Pegsi Change color each level and match the color of the cloud fruit.


Sorry I'm not publishing the ROM yet. I'm going to wait for the physical release.

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Update 82

I made some minor changes to the sounds in the final cut scene.

1. The sound of crickets in the Zazzle Clearing sound a little better.

2. The sound of the ocean is more subtle. (this was supposed to be a lead into Gizzle Wap 2)


I had a change of heart and I have included the latest ROM as well as the sound snippets.







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Update 84: The Sound and the Culex or Crabs don't fly


I feel like I'm squeezing water from a stone. I removed some superfluous code and made some room for things that I've been wanting to do.


1. The crab is no more. The crab was intended to climb the trees and drop on the Gizzle Wap. But it looked more like it was flying. The crab has been replaced by the Culex sprite which is more animated than the crab. A mosquito seems to be a much better fit for the look and feel of the game.


2. Added sounds to almost all the creatures except the Pegsi.

  • The Culex makes a buzzing sound
  • The Ant makes a scuttling sound
  • The Humming Duck makes a light fluttering sound
  • The Invicta Minor makes a violent fluttering sound
  • The Invicta Prime Makes a buzzing sound

3. Added a little bit of shade to the red tree back round

4. Fixed a bug in the first finale scene.

5. If you beat the game the attract screen changes after the title screen which reflects what happened in the story.




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I can't leave my game alone. I keep telling myself that the last update will be the last, and it's not.


Update 86: The Red Tree's last resort.


1. The Red Tree spreads an invisible cloud of poison when you remove the tree from the clearing. The Gizzle Wap is not immune. You will continue to take damage until you find and reveal the Invicta's lair. You don't have a lot of time.


2. The final fight with the Invicta Prime is more dynamic. There is more than one way to defeat him.


3. Changed the score font to a custom font "Leaf" on both the title screen and game.


4. Lightened the colors of the Culex and the Wasp so they can be seen better on real hardware.


5. Added the Zazzle fly to the Final cut scene.


6.Tweaked the back round slightly in the final cut scene.


7. Added the Gizzle Wap's friends to the post attract scene.



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