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High Score Club Index:


The current season's threads are prefixed by HSC20. Active threads are pinned at the top of the forum.



Add any games you would like to play - join in at any time (2023)



Results from last season (2022)


Beginners' Guide

Tell's you all you need to know(?!) including information on setting up emulation and joysticks.


All-time Games Ratings and Records

Top scores from HSC plays plus my subjective ratings of the games!


Scores Archive Spreadsheet

Fantastic effort from Champions_2002, contains HSC Seasons 1-9 scores with screenshots of the games.


Hall of Fame

With links to the final standings for each season


The following gaming threads are NOT part of the HSC season but you are welcome to post at any time...



Somewhere to post scores for MULE as it's just so darn good. There may be additional MULE tourneys too!


Adventure, Simulation & Strategy Games

Post about any Atari 8-bit Adventure or Strategy or Simulation game not alredy covered by it's own pinned thread.



Play this challenging multi-stage game, PAL systems only. New: NTSC cart version.


Alternate Reality:The City & The Dungeon

The purpose of this competition is to have fun, share your experiences with others and test your skill at surviving in one of the greatest, most challenging, ground-breaking RPG games of the 20th century, Alternate Reality: The City for Atari 800. All players will receive a rank and posting of their highest character, so post your screenshots and participate!

Star Raiders

For anyone wanting to play and post their rankings, progress, strategies etc.


Ramp Rage

For High Scores on my first assembler game!


Other threads of moderate interest:

Joystick Repairs



Discussions about the eternal jittery paddles!


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