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New feature enabled, called "Relationship Information"

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Hi everybody,

we are pleased to present to you a new enabled feature in our project, called "Relationship Information".


AtariBoxed.com - Give it a try!

Here is a short explanation of the function;
If you select a game from the database and view its details, then you will see a new section in the lower half of the screen. The three-column table shows you the original title with frontcover on the left, and in the centre all the known PAL versions of your selected game. On the right side you have the option to click on the magnifier and view the details of each of the related PAL versions on a separate page for a better comparison. All entries there are also clickable and opens the detailpage of the respective title.

Currently the original NTSC titles are not provided with scans, but we are working on it. We will be digging out all the NTSC Original games we have and scan them one by one in the next few weeks. Our priority has been to finish the relationship function.


Do you like the function, or do you have questions?
We would appreciate any feedback, about the new function.

Best regards
the AtariBoxed Team



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You guys got the video game crash wrong though:




Winnie Forster Spielkonsolen und Heimcomputer: 1984 bricht der Atari Markt unter dem Gewicht mehrerer Millionen unverkaufter Carts zusammen und reisst auch andere Konsolen mit: Die Industrie hat Ihren ersten Crash.


Here's some US material:

Garry Kitchen



Alan Miller





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The Video Game Crash has its origins in 1983 and lasted a few years. It is referred to as "The Video Game Crash of 1984" because this was the year the impact of the crash became apparent to the consumers.

But thanks for your input- we should change it in 1983-1985, or technically 1983-1986.





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