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Interchanging Gensis power bricks


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I have three working model 1 Sega Genesis consoles as well as a working Sega Nomad and a model 2 console. I am wondering if the power supply bricks used with the Nomad and model 2 can be used on the model 1? I noticed the power supply with my model 1 is rated at 9 volts DC, 1.2 amps. The other supplies I have are rated 10 volts DC and less than one amp. Just curious as so far I only have one matched power supply to the three model 1 consoles I have.

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Less than 1 amp? I wouldn't try it then. The voltage is ok as most devices down convert it anyway, but don't take that as a given. The amperage is an issue though.


You are better off just getting aftermarket supplies as they are probably better anyway. Technology has come a long way in the past 30 years.

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Here is the info you need:




The polarity of the tip and physical size are different between the model 1 and 2:


Thanks! I'll jot those down so I have a list when I am out looking around for games and parts.

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