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KC Munchkin ROM and Level Design contest!

The KC Munchkin Monster Maze ROM is now free for everyone to enjoy!



Basic gameplay:

KC is playing in a Monster Maze 10 times the size of the screen! The maze has many active elements that are periodically drawn and erased by SSSnake.

The game is always in motion and KC has one life; control is as smooth as MS Pacman but if you let go of the stick the autopilot will take over - takes a while to get the hang of but it's a fun and unique twist in gameplay :)


Extended Demo attract mode:

To watch the extended demo attract mode free the power pill that's trapped in orbit - KC will now be able to periodically clear the board and make it to the next level on his own!


Scoring and level progression:

There are two types of scoring - level progressions (how many different colour screens you've advanced through) and a traditional score; the traditional score is located in KC's home and it's in binary (8 blocks with a marker above the first and the last)! It resets every time KC dies but level progressions persist. Monsters don't follow KC into his home so you can take your time checking the score at any time during play!


Bonus Rounds:

Bonus rounds are integrated and take place on the lower levels; they can be passively watched or interacted with:

To sit back and watch the bonus round just let go of the stick as soon as you've cleared a level and auto-pilot will keep you entertained.

As you get better at the game you can interact with the bonus round at any time, doing "the waterfall" to catch extra dots where they originate and avoiding the wily monsters.

Making new KC Munchkin ROM's with the Level Editor:



The KC Munchkin level editor allows you to edit the entire monster maze AND the 36 maze tiles that are drawn and redrawn by Sssnake! It also lets you edit any of the 16 colour screen progressions (there are really 17 but the editor doesn't let you change the first one).

Once you've made you changes you can hit save to rebuild your new KC Munchkin game ROM! Note: the only thing you will need to change is the location of the ROM binary, I hard coded it to where I keep the file so you could just use the same path or enter a different one if you store it somewhere else.


KC Munchkin Level Design contest!

Share the awesome KC Munchkin ROM's that you create here on this thread for all Atari fans to enjoy! :) Winning entries (there can be several) will be released in a limited production run, KC Munchkin Monster Maze Collection. KC Monster Maze was previously available in a very limited run last year to celebrate the 30th aniversary of my software label and included a flyer/ad of retro video games from the glossy 80's CoCo magasine, The Rainbow, and a four page colour instruction manual.


Note on level design:

As you experiment with changing SSSnake's coordiates you can "run the level" to watch how Sssnake will draw and redraw the maze elements you've selected - this is the key to both controlled randomness (driven in combination with user input) and designating the active play area where game mode takes place; you can also control and change the bonus round areas and speed up or decrease the amount of time it takes the dots and/or the power pill to return during play.


Note on known issues: Use a Joystick only, Sega game pads will make the game malfunction. Leaving the game running in attact mode on an Atari Jr may result in the game malfunctioning after a few hours. This can happen on a 4-switch or 6-switch too but usually takes days (the game is only 6K and pushes the TIA to new limits and beyond). A CRT television provides the best play experience and a 4-switch Atari with RF provides the best support for the extra artifact colours).

Hope everyone enjoys! :)


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