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Genesis Game Genie UGC Insert

Rick Dangerous

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Does anyone out there have the file for a custom Universal Game Case Insert for the Game Genie?


If not would anyone be willing to make one up in photoshop?


If not I'll probably have one done at some point and will post it here.


Use my game genies occasionally and want to keep it out of the dust. It's looking lonely in the blank case as I have inserts for just about everything else



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What I was referring to was the inner part of the plastic clamshell that has the area for holding cartridges in place. I know a standard box wouldn't hold it, because the Game Genie is bigger than a standard Genesis cart, but is the Game Genie the same size as an over-sized cart, like the one's used by EA and Accolade?


I wouldn't mind having a case for my Game Genie. I'm away from my collection at the moment, so I can't check.

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