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FT: Advertisements, O2 Power Lords, GBA store banner, 2600, NES, etc.


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Here's my list of items for trade. Pictures can be found below. Highlights include an O2 Power Lords cart, some unusual advertising items, a couple of semi-rare 2600 and ColecoVision carts and some other misc items. Want lists are available here. I'm hoping to trade, rather than sell, if possible... but I'll probably slap prices on stuff that's not traded after a few days. Please PM me with offers or your tradelists. Thanks for looking!

Misc. Video Game Advertising

Vinyl GBA advertising scroll. Features Golden Sun and Wario World. Includes original(?) wooden dowels. Approx. 36" x 26".

ki-1.jpg ki-3.jpg
SNES Killer Instinct newspaper photo proofs - These 14" x 17" photo negatives were provided to college newspapers in the mid-1990s to print ads from. I have four of them total, with two different designs. Very unusual items. Shipping on these may be expensive because they should remain flat.

a1.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg a4.jpg
I collect classic videogame advertisements pulled out of old magazines and comics, and have several extras for trade. I have photos of some of them below. If you are interested, I can put together a list.

PS2 Gradius V Poster (approx. 21" x 28")

Odyssey2 Master Strategy Series sales flyer
Odyssey2 Catalogs EL2258-1 (x2, one missing cover) and EL 3380-2

magnavox-catalog.jpg magnavox-catalog-open.jpg
Magnavox 1979 Catalog Proof. This isn't videogame advertising -- sorry, no Odyssey2 content -- but cool if you're into '70s TVs and stereos (and who isn't?). It's an oversized "proof" document provided to newspapers to reproduce ads from. I included an Atari 2600 cart in one of the photos to give you a sense of how big this is. Several pages of high-quality product illustrations and advertising copy.

Misc Items

Super Famicom Japanese Chrono Trigger Strategy Guide
Arcade Gamer Fubuki - DVD of the fanservice-heavy classic videogame anime! (English & Japanese with English Subtitles)

He-Man / Masters of the Universe Party Invitations - Unopened package of 8, straight out of the '80s!

Tron: Legacy Light Cycle Zero Gravity R/C (CLU) - Complete in package, never opened
Tron: Legacy Light Cycle Zero Gravity R/C (Sam Flynn) - Complete in package, used once

RETRO Magazine Issue 2

Totally Unauthorized Guide to Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey (PS1) - used condition

Lightblast Entertainment Projector - more info here

Atari 2600 (loose carts unless noted)

2600-1.jpg 2600-2.jpg pitfall2.jpg 2600-box-1.jpg 2600-box-2.jpg
Adventure (Sears)
Adventures of Tron
Air Raiders
Alpha Beam with Ernie
Asteroids CIB
Baseball (Sears)
Baseketball (Sears)
Beany Bopper
Blackjack (Sears)
Bowling CIB
Brain Games (Sears)
Breakaway IV (Sears)
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
Capture (Sears)
Casino CIB
Combat CIB (x2)
Cosmic Ark Cart + Box + Plastic Tray
Defender (Atari) IB (no cart)
Defender (Sears)
Indy 500 ("11 Indy 500" end label)
Journey Escape CB
Jungle Hunt
Math (Sears) - No End Label
Math Gran Prix (pic label)
Memory Match (Sears)
Missile Command
Pac-Man CIB (box top missing)
Pitfall II
Space Invaders (Sears)
Spider Fighter CI
Star Fox
Star Raiders - Cart is Atari version; I also have the Sears manual for trade
Star Voyger CB - Cart and outer silver box (no tray)
Submarine Commander (Sears)
Surround CIB
Swordquest FireWorld
Titlematch Pro Wrestling
Towering Inferno

Atari Force #4 pack-in comic

Atari 5200

berzerk.jpg 5200-trek.jpg
Berzerk (shrinkwrapped)
Star Trek (loose, please excuse the bad photo)


cv-module.jpg colecovision.jpg mt-overlay.jpg

Expansion Module #1
Mouse Trap (loose overlay)
Nova Blast (plaque label)
Popeye (plaque label)
Space Fury
Squish'em Sam (Label has come off and is wrinkled but is still intact)
The Heist


Auto Racing CIB + 2 overlays
Beauty and the Beast CIB (no overlays)
Bomb Squad CIB + 2 overlays
Chip Shot Super Pro Golf (loose)
NFL Football CIB + 2 overlays & 2 Playbooks (no tray)
Night Stalker CIB + 1 overlay
Space Spartans CIB + 1 overlay

Nintendo NES

nes.jpg snakes-ninja.jpg nes-manuals.jpg
The Battle of Olympus
Golf (instructions only) Cover damaged
Ninja Gaiden CI
Pinball CI
Pipe Dream CI
Snake's Revenge CB (box worn)
Wizards & Warriors
Yoshi's Cookie (instructions only) - Warped

NES Game Atlas (book) Used condition

nes-box-1.jpg nes-box-2.jpg nes-box-3.jpg
NES wooden storage box, includes storage for controllers, Zapper gun and several carts


Power Lords (cart only)

eroberung.jpg eroberung-open.jpg
Eroberung Der Welt - Rare German version of Conquest of the World, with cart, box, manual, plastic tray, lid, many tokens (but missing some), and game board

speurtocht.jpg speurtocht-open.jpg
Speurtocht Naar De Ringen - Rare Dutch version of Quest for the Rings, with cart, box, manual, plastic tray, G7200 keyboard overlay, no tokens except 3 castles

Alien-Invaders-Plus - NEW, never opened and mint!

o2-brazil.jpg o2-plastic.jpg
Formula 1/Interlagos/Cryptologic (Brazilian Speedway/Spin-Out/Crypto-Logic) - one loose, one CIB
Serpente Do Poder (Brazilian Power Lords)
Freedom Fighters+ (Videopac 39+) CIB
Invasion Intersiderale! (French Canadian version of Invaders from Hyperspace!)

K.C. Munchkin!
Showdown in 2100 A.D.!
Type & Tell!
War of Nerves!

Other Systems

Atari 400/800 Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar - Disk game, Complete in Box with Maps, etc.

PS1 Classic Trackball New in box

Sega CD Robo Aleste (Disc Only) SOLD
Famicom Sky Destroyer
Famicom Zippy Race
Super NES Chavez

GBA Orcs & Elves - complete. There is a slit in the plastic covering the box, but not too noticeable.

Super Mario 64 (loose manual) - Poor condition

VIC-20 Omega Race (loose cart)

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