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Atari VCS 2600 Retro Memory Game


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You asked for it - here it is:


I hereby proudly announce the new RETRORY game!


It is a memo game (find pairs of matching cards by turning them over). And it is a real physical game, not a video game!


These are the technical features:


- 80 cards are in the game (= 40 "pairs")

- the cards are size 2.4" x 2.4" (that's 6 x 6 cm), about 1.5/16" thickness (that's 2 mm), - heavy, like real memo-cards, not playing-cards!

- each card is double sided and full color printed, with canvas-structure finish - also like the real memo-cards

- with a 16-page full-color instruction-booklet that shows all the images and how to play the game

- packed in a 2600-style box with bottom and lid, size 7.5" x 5.5" x 1.6" (that's 19 x 14 x 4 cm), canvas-structure finish - again like real game-boxes


And these are the fun-features:


- there are no "pairs" like in a traditional memo-game. Instead, a "pair" consists of two different images from the same game.

- goal of the game is to find matching "pairs", but in order to find them, you have to know the games.

- the game can be made more difficult by having to name the game when finding a match.

- all images will come from officially released 2600 games.

- the instruction-booklet will show all the "pairs" and the corresponding game-names.


And now for the more-fun-"you decide"-features:


- the price per game is 40 Euros (around $45 USD) - that includes worldwide airmail shipping!

- each buyer of the game gets to pick one game to be featured on the cards! Just name the game or send a screenshot (or two)

- if more than 40 people order the game, I will upgrade the number of cards to up to 108 (54 pairs). So everyone will get more cards!
- If there's a talented artist who wants to do the front-cover of the box, contact me or just send a scribble/image. You'll get your game for free.
How to order?
- Post here or PM me, and send 40 Euros or 45 USD to yoda@yodagames.de
- Don't forget to post or send your pick for the game.
- Production will take about 3-4 weeks after completion.
- Just in case there'll be less than 40 orders:
I will pick the missing images from the most interesting game-titles. Of course the game will be made anyway, and you will get your copy!
Here's how it will look like (cover art still missing):
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Here's the list of games so far that will be featured.

There's still possibility of changes, in case someone orders and has a different wish.



Air Sea Battle
Demon Attack
Demons To Diamonds
Dig Dug
Donkey Kong
Haunted House
Keystone Kapers
Missile Command
Moon Patrol
Mountain King
Pac Man
Pitfall II
Pole Position
River Raid
Space Invaders
Star Raiders
Wizard Of Wor
Yar's Revenge
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Sure! Everyone has different favourites. But you can pick one game you definetely want included when you preorder. Or two games if you order two games. And if enough people preorder, it will even have more than 40 pairs. When playing, you can still remove the ones you don't like.

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Here's an overview of the cards so far.


The visible images are the ones that are "set in stone" (by wish of people who ordered).


All visible backsides are yet to be decided -> everyone who orders can choose a game.


The green background is the 40 pairs of the game. The red background is the "stretch goal" if more than 40 people order -> everyone will get more cards!



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