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A game-selector-box for John Dondzilla's Odyssey 2 multicart


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Uuups , I'll have a look, what I can find, in my messy "documentation". I hope, I just did not solder it like that, out of the top of my head. :skull:





I found some handwritten sheets, which I barely understand myself. It definitely needs some extra explanation, how to read the plans. And probably a few photos. I can't just scan those plans. This documentation needs some extra time. I can't do this right now. But it might be something for a cold winter evening. Please allow some time .....



Typed in with my Arcadia 2001 controllers. :P

Ok, nobody believes this.


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On 1/2/2022 at 9:43 AM, Rolo said:



I'm selling my modified Dondzilla cartridge with the switchbox now.

Does anybody have interest?



Best regards,



Absolutely! But I am in the US. I just got an O2 and a handful of carts. The only worthy one so far is KC munchkin. I would really like to check out the other games the system had to offer but am not in a position to buy them all. 


Besides shipping costs, what would you like for your Multi Cart and selector box?

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22 hours ago, Rolo said:

Hi Dopy25,


US is no problem. I'll do a little price calculation and I'll come back to you.



Best regards,




Very interested.  Also in US, and fine with paying whatever the shipping cost ends up being.



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