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Bally Astrocade


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I bought this in Colorado and I am very pleased with my buy,


. $150 for the system, manuals, BASIC Programming package, 4 controllers, and 8 carts. I haven't done too much with it yet, but I have ALWAYS loved this system! "Scribble" the built in "game" reminds me a lot of Video Easel for the Atari 8bits.


Who wrote VE for Atari? Who wrote Scribble for Bally?


Do the Bally controllers work on an Atari or Genesis or Vice-Versa?


What do I need to know about this system? How come it doesn't have a sub-group here on AA?


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I got one of these last weekend, myself. Sat down and did some modding work that is supposed to help with longevity on the machine. The #1 thing you may want to consider: removing the RF shield. Depending on the console revision it could be really easy - a matter of removing some clips and unscrewing the board - or it could require some solder-melting.The shield isn't needed for regular functioning, and traps heat inside the system.


I also ordered some heat sinks and thermal paste from console5 and stuck them on the three big ICs on the left side the system, which tend to run hot. Well, I stuck them on two of the ICs - the third one had a metal bar acting as a heat sink already, but since it was epoxied on I couldn't remove it, so I just stuck the fresh heat sink on the top of it. I'm assuming it'll do its job almost as well up there as it would directly on the chip. Also plan on getting a laptop cooler to keep it running smoother, too.


Static electricity can wreck the machine too, so I'd be sure to take some precautions and keep yourself grounded if you're going to be working on it.

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I am aware of the overheating issues, for the most part all I have done is hook it up and test it once.


I am also told that adding a fan helps.


It will be sitting in my closet for a while, I am in the process of buying my first house.


As such, it would be irresponsible to speculate on what mods or repairs I may attempt in the future.


I'm just happy to have one in my collection!


Next I want a Telestar Arcade!

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