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HSC12 Round 1: Jr Pac-Man

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Welcome to Round 1 of the High Score Club Season 12!

If you missed this round then you can still post a score and will get some points.

Jr Pac-Man

post-19705-0-14456400-1422787704_thumb.png post-19705-0-48957700-1422787803_thumb.png

Simple Rules
play the game on the default settings and post your scores, screenshots optional.


If your favourite game got thrown under the proverbial bus (usually driven by an oversize barrrel throwing ape) then don't worry; even if it didn't make runners-up spot to go through to the next poll, it has a good chance of being resurrected and reappearing later in the season.



Fandal XEX Atarionline.pl various XEX/ATR Wikipedia Info, 5200 Manual & lots more info on post #16 from ballyalley :thumbsup: [space=pause, fire to resume]



12pts for 1st place... 1pt for 12th place, with additional scoring places in between for more players.

<>Highest score on the first life 1pt
<>Beating HSC record 62,530 (trbb) - this season only the highest score beating a HSC record will get a bonus point.
<>NTSC bonus - highest NTSC player scores 1pt if there are 12 players or more.

We're never going to get everything equal so this gives something for NTSC guys to go for if a game is much tougher on NTSC systems. Sometimes the extra speed makes a game better to play so it's not all bad and some newers games automatically compensate.


Round Start / End
Sunday 15th Feb

Rounds will Start and End on Sunday Mornings at 10am UK time and last for 2 weeks.


Missed Rounds
If you miss a round you can post a late score but this will count for 1pt less (minimum 1pt) and will not pickup bonus points or count for HSC records.


Season Overview
From some of the discussions it looks like there will be some heated competiton for *last* place... you guys! One person each round will get the 1pt slot, but if we have lots of players then you're more likely to have a few scores around you for company. I will tweak things from time to time to disadvantage certain players (ususally McKong) :evil:


Here's what usually happens we have a bunch of players for round 1 and by round 6 lots have dropped out, so please don't be put off by the same players slugging it out for the top places and setting joystick busting scores. Potentially we have a record 9, yes nine, Hall of Famers playing this season, including two champions; so making a top 12 spot on a round will be a challenge. Overall a top 15 place would be a great achievement. With the season now broken into two halves you have your own rank/score to improve on too.


Most importantly HAVE FUN and enjoy the games
Any questions or problems just ask :)



p.s. If anyone is playing on emulation using a joystick please can you post some info on your setup on the Beginners Guide as this may be useful to others.

p.p.s Any 5200 owners - Zylon's 5200 HSC would welcome you too.

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15270 bah

need a 4-dir stick for this game. 8-way isn't cutting it. But I don't have anything better than these.


17620 - little bit better score, but I still think I'd do better with a 4 dir stick. Anyway, class at 9:00am tomorrow, so I should go to bed.

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Another new high score - 75,330. My score on my first life was a lowly 3300 (got caught trying to eat a 4th ghost :mad: ).




I joined 'highscore.com' which is why I taped my handle onto my TV. Just wanted people to know I'm not actually concerned about people stealing my screen shots :)

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Fun game, and NTSC to boot. All right!


What, no links to follow? Well, then, let's see what I can dig up. Here are some fun links for the Atari 8-Bit conversion of the Atari 5200 prototype:

1) Atari 5200 Manual in HTML format at AtariAge:


2) Atari 2600 Manual at Digital Press in pdf format:


3) AtariProtos discusses the Atari 5200 prototype:



4) The International Arcade Museum (formally KLOV) page about the arcade game:


5) The Video Game Critic's Review (Reviewed May 26, 2003):



6) Atari 5200 Unreleased Treasures #1: Jr. Pac-Man (YouTube video):



7) Atari 5200 Reproduction cart picture (GoodDealGames):



8 ) Atari 7800 Jr. Pac-Man Reproduction for sale at AtariAge:



9) Let's Compare: Jr. Pac-Man - Atari 2600 vs. 800XL vs. C64:


10) Atari 8-bit/5200 Jr. Pac-Man - Bug (YouTube video) - If you die while a prize is destroying a power pellet, it will remain on the screen and it can't be eaten, thus making it impossible to advance. It's possible to glitch up to 4 power pellets on the first screen (there's enough dots to trigger 4 prizes to appear):


Is this bug present on the Atari 8-bit version? If not, which ROM is the correct one to use? The link below this one discusses this, but it would be good to probably mention at the top of this thread:

11) AtariAge thread from March 2014 discussing the possible absence of the bug in the Glenn the 5200 conversion of Jr. Pac-Man:


12) Atari 5200 Review (Phosphor Dot Fossils) - This review mentions the Atari 5200's lacking "corner-speed-boost." I wasn't even aware of this feature on the arcade version.


13) Atari 2600 Review of Jr. Pac-Man from August 1998 issue of "Orphaned Computers and Game Systems:




Enjoy the links!

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