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Tempest's New Gameroom (v5)


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Another day another gameroom update. I've actually had this configuration for a while, but I finally got around to taking pictures.


Sorry the pictures are so large, I used my wife's camera and didn't realize she had it set to maximum size. :)



The entryway



Overview 1



Overview 2




Overview 3




Overview 4




Atari 8-bit Games (some are on loan for dumping)




Modern Games and DVD's




Classic Systems. The 'classic' systems are hooked up to a RGB monitor.




Modern and Classic Systems




My PC. This used to be in the other corner.




The Atari 1200XL, 2600, Intellivision, and 5200. Also the Amiga 2000




The C-64 and Apple IIGS




The Old PC and Macintosh Classic




The Coleco ADAM (note the Macintosh G3 Tower in the corner)




The Apple IIe




The MSX 2+ and PCjr. Also my DECO Cassette System cab








More Marquees




My Ultima V Poster (old and beat up)




And a close up of the Dragons Lair poster. This is an original.


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I've actually slimmed down my collection quite a bit over the last few years. Hard to believe there used to be more stuff crammed in there. :)


Oh, so you do really have room for a 7800. :P


I'm really digging the classic computer setups and the Star Wars posters. Really feels like I'm stepping into the past on that side of the room.

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It looks almost cozy. Hope it stays that way.


It used to look like this: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/146921-tempests-game-room/


My goal was to cover the bare concrete walls with as many posters as I could to give the room a bit more of a finished look since actually finishing the basement wasn't an option and I was on a budget. I think I succeeded. :)


My next step is to put some paper lanterns over the light bulbs to help diffuse the light a bit. I'm also going to put up a curtain over the entrance to the storage tunnel and maybe a beaded curtain over the main entrance.

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I see you mentioned diffusing the lights. I did something similar and then switched to a multiple light arrangement (more light sources, each with lower intensities).


The lighting pros generally set up their lighting so that the actual light source's hotspot is obscured. Hence wall washers and cove lighting. However, even lamps facing walls on angles work well too. It's best to avoid compact fluorescent lights for task lighting (http://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/120-a387/). The best looking lights are halogen (for task and display). However, LEDs are mighty good too. LEDs have a definite advantage for accent lighting and put out very saturated (and amazing) color.


Not that you need any tips for making your space even more awesome than it is, but here's a tip:


Set the filter on eBay for "Free international shipping". Then type in LED color lighting and check out the wicked deals on killer lights. I can only imagine what your space would look like with a thin line of blue LEDs or EL-Wire running the outer top perimeter of the room. I'd probably start to hyperventilate. :) Note: EL-Wire tends to put out a high-pitch noise, so that's something to consider first.


Anyway, congrats on a remarkable space with nicely-displayed and easily accessible machines.

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I'm actually in the middle of moving stuff around again (nothing too drastic this time). I'm moving my Atari 2600, 5200, and Intellivision over to the RGB monitor since it also has S-video and composite inputs. This will allow me to sit on the futon and play them in more comfort than the computer chair offers (plus it will look less cluttered over there). The 1200XL is staying on the desk though since I need access to the keyboard most of the time.


To do this I'm going to have to put some systems on a little CD tower I have and place that next to the entertainment center (there's simply no room otherwise). My only concern with doing this is that the CD tower isn't very deep so there isn't going to be a lot of ventilation out the back (the sides are open though). I need to look for systems that don't have vents out the back like my SMS, NES, Dreamcast, Neo Geo, etc. I wanted to put the PS2 over there but I think it has a chance of overheating there.


You can see the type of tower I'm going to use in this picture (it's in the back against the far wall next to the bookcase):




I think I spend more time moving stuff around than I do playing with it.

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I'm enjoying it while I can. Eventually I plan to move to California and I wont have a huge basement to play with. Paring down the collection will be the hardest part.

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Maybe you can box things up and condense everything. Be very careful about what you get rid of. It will be difficult to re-acquire it. But if not, and the inevitable thinning comes, be sure and keep the essence of whatever defines your collection.

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