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Season 12 Round 7 - Blade Buster


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Welcome to round 7 of the 12th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


This round we are playing the NES homebrew game "Blade Buster" which was developed in Japan and released in 2010. This game is freeware and may therefore be downloaded legally. See the download link below.

This round ends on Sunday, February 22nd.


Title: Blade Buster
Developer: High Level Challenge
Publisher: N/A
Released: 2010




Play 5 minute mode!!!

Scores So Far

Current Standings
1. darthkur 105
2. DonPedro 94
3. S.BAZ 86
4. asponge 55
5. roadrunner 50
6. Jibbajaba 46
7. Mangia-Boy 35
8(t). Lid 26
8(t). jblenkle 26
10. bubufubu 25
11. Ashkin2002 22
12. LarcenTyler 8

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That's a good first day score, bubufubu. :thumbsup: Mine's slightly better:






Sorry if anyone feels I spammed score entries for this one.


Absolutely not. Keep posting 'em, man. Looking forward to an interesting rivalry in this round :)


By the way, i noticed you were playing with the slow movement speed. You can change it with select button. The fast speed is a bit over the top, but using the middle one certainly improves scoring.

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Yo, Don. Great score! :thumbsup:


I was not aware of the fact that you could change speeds. Thanks for the heads up.


I'm not sure how much of a rivalry I can give you. I'm surprised I managed to beat the final boss on two separate occasions. This is probably about where my limit is as far as how many enemy sprites I can handle on the screen at once. Perhaps I'll give it another shot tomorrow.

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1,438,100 Points







I guess my impatience and competitive nature are showing because I couldn't wait until tomorrow for another attempt. Thanks to DonPedro's advice, I was able to cover a bit more ground.


Talk about "slightly better". Don, this one betters your score by the tip of a nose hair. I really don't think my limit is much higher than this. Perhaps if I knew all the ways to get bonus points and sped up my boss fights, then maybe I could pull a 1.5 or better.


Your move, Don.

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This is the best replay of Blade Buster I found on youtube:




This was done with the original 2010 release of the game. Some of the bonuses are worth more points in the 2012 revision we're playing, so this score would be even higher.


Looking at the stuff that I missed or didn't even know it's there:


There's an easy 100,000 points at around 3:00 mark in the replay - first destroy one row of green tiles, then the other.


Much more tricky stuff at 4:02 - you need to damage those circular things when they appear first, then destroy them simultaneosly. Don't think I can do this.


I also missed 90,000 points from hidden pink tiles. That's just something I need to memorize.


Analyzing all this I believe a score of 1,550,000 - 1,600,000 is within my reach. I'll have some attempts later today.


Great game, almost as crazy as Recca at times. If only it also had a normal, at least 20 minute of length, mode of similar quality, I'd consider it the best shoot 'em up on the system.



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My right thumb is going to fall off from overuse.


? Are you tapping the fire button for this one? It has in-built autofire...


It's not that easy for me to blow you out of the water, just like that. I feel this round is going to be a close one, unless you lose interest. The next step for me is learning the locations of all hidden bonus tiles and that's gonna take a while. Most likely I'll do it after the weekend as I might be rather busy till sunday.

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? Are you tapping the fire button for this one? It has in-built autofire...



No, I haven't been tapping the button. It's a combination of having a pc controller whose face buttons are not ergonomic and having tendon issues in my right thumb from a lifetime of gaming. Unfortunately, I have to use the face button here for a better reaction time. So, it doesn't take many attempts with this controller before my thumb starts to feel the stress.


Just in case you aren't aware, that comment was tongue and cheek, Don. I haven't lost interest. This is fun for me and I'm glad for the site getting more attention because of it. I'm just surprised that I got in on this game so there's just not much confidence in my attempts. I've gotten a bit better with memorizing where bonus point areas are located. I had a big screw-up toward the end of this last attempt that cost me quite a few points. We'll see how it goes.

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finally got around to having a go at this


great game! feels similar to Recca but actually reminds me more of games like Star Soldier & Alpha Mission etc. but way better.


good to see you here bubufubu :-D

you guys are rockin' it!


agreeing with Don, I totally thought there would be an "endless mode" & was a little disappointed with that. oh well I still love it.

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great game! feels similar to Recca but actually reminds me more of games like Star Soldier & Alpha Mission etc. but way better.



It's mostly influenced by Star Soldier series (especially Super Star Soldier for PC Engine), with totally badass, Recca-like boss fights added on top of that.


I'm glad people are posting scores and enjoying the game.


I'm back in action too:




Think I got all possible bonuses for this run, except the trickiest one, which I'm not even trying to get. So if I'm going to post a better score, it will only be a cosmetic improvement.



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my first time finishing it.


question for DonPedro: you mentioned about adjusting the speed to increase score -- do you mean it rewards you with higher point values if you're using a faster speed? or is there another reason it gives you an advantage?


Very good score :thumbsup:


Higher speed doesn't directly increase the score (no higher point values), it just allows you to destroy more blocks and more importantly more enemies, by moving faster around the screen. Each wave of enemies killed immediately triggers the next wave, so you should prioritize killing them quickly over destroying more blocks (unless they are bonus 'pig blocks'). It's possible, by destroying enough enemy waves, to get a third 'ring' enemy, resulting in another 50,000 bonus, if you kill it before it assembles.

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