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Atari 8-bit Software Preservation Initiative


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I just found my bags of Atari disks... I don't think I've touched them since college.  Oof.


I'm sure I don't have anything odd/rare, but I thought I'd let folks know.  If there is anything important in this list, let me know!



Edufun! Frenzy & Flip Flop (tape)
States & Capitals
A Pilot Teaching Program / PILOT Programs for Children



Adventures 1-12 (Scott Addams)
Adventures 1-12 disk 2 (Scott Adams)
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
Antic August 1989 Volume 8 Number 4 – Return of “Mapping the Atari”
Antic Disk Version Going Online
Antic Monthly Disk – ADS1184
Antic October 1989 Vol.8 Num. 6 Money Magic
Antic Vol.7 No.10 March 1989 SpartaDOS vs. Atari DOS-XE
Antic Vol.7 No.12 April 1989 Adventure Maker & Tax Template
Antic Vol.8 No.2 June 1989 DIAMOND OS ARRIVES
ANTIC Vol.8 No.8 Feb/March 1990 Antic Sampling Processor
APX Blackjack Casino by: Bill Zimmerman APX-20064
APX Galahad and the Holy Grail by: Douglas Crockford APX-20132
APX Gameshow By: Hung Pham APX-20168
APX Lemonade By: Bob Polaro APX-20001
APX Seven Card Stud 1.0 by: Monty Webb
APX The Minotaur by: Steven Cavin APX-20039
Army Graphics load w/BASIC, S-2 Page 6 #154 w/ INDEX SOLUTION
Atari 810 Master diskette II
Atari 810 Master diskette II
Aztec Challenge (Cosmi)
Blockaboo, Copyright 1990 Aussemware
DOS 2.5
FFDO82 850 Express/Tscope
Golf Classic & Compubar (EduFun!)
Jeepers Creepers
Julius Erving / Larry Bird Go One-On-One
Microsoft Basic II Programming Language
Microsoft Basic Programming Language
Racing Destruction Set
Shamus: Case II
Spy vs Spy + Spy vs. Spy Vol. II: The Island Caper
Voice Box II Atari – Speaking, Spelling, and Singing
Voice Box II Atari Demonstration
XE Term


I know I have some cassettes stored SOMEWHERE -- I remember finding a fairly odd tape in a thrift storage ages ago, with a few very simple games -- a knock-off Ad-Libs and something else.

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8 hours ago, Allan said:

Can you take a picture of this disk? Never heard of this. Probably rare.

I'm pretty sure it's a weird "public domain" disk.  I have no clue where it came from.  I did get a small batch of stuff mailed to me from someone in Germany years ago, when I was looking for the 8-bit MOD player, and I assume it was part of those disks...  I'll try to get to it this coming weekend!

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