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Atari 8-bit Software Preservation Initiative


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Thanks for the link, lotek_style. Very cool!


This project's goal is to make flux dumps of commercial Atari disks so I don't know if demos fit in with that or not. I guess I just don't know that much about them.


Oh, and thanks to advfan, we have two more dumped titles:


- Worms? (Electronic Arts)

- Silicon Dreams (Firebird)

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Hi Farb,


I don't know what tools exist for comparing/verifying images for the Atari- maybe they already exist? I wrote my own to do this with C64 images (nibscan) so I can compare two images by track, sector, or even on the bit level in some cases. If such a thing doesn't exist yet, I could probably easily adapt it to Atari FM images... I also have tools to catalog and put them in a web database.


Check out the C64 equivalent at the site in my signature... Happy to help in any way I can.

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Hi R.Cade,


Thanks for pointing me at your site. I pulled down the NIBtools binary and tried diffing a .g64 file against itself. Pretty cool!


I've been doing comparisons thus far by converting flux dumps to ATX and comparing those. a8rawconv will allow you to list the track sector order of an ATX which also indicates any unformatted tracks or other anomalies that are usually due to copy protection. I've been using that to confirm that two disk dumps have the same protection scheme. Then I convert the flux dumps to an ATR file (which eliminates copy protection and puts all track sectors in sequential order) to verify that the good data is identical. I don't think this process is 100% foolproof but it seems to be working so far.


I'd certainly be interested in using your tools to make this process easier and more precise. I've been thinking about getting this list into some sort of web format so that could be helpful as well.


Please contact me if you're interested and we can hopefully collaborate!

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This is a big update. It's exciting to see others starting to get involved :-)


Thanks to advfan we now have the following disk dumps:


- Gorf (Roklan)

- Jewels of Darkness (Firebird)

- LA Swat (Mastertonic)

- Millionaire (Blue Chip Software)

- PQ: The Party Quiz Game (Suncom)

- PQ: Sports Pack 1 (Suncom)

- Serpentine (Broderbund)

- Spy Hunter (Sega)

- Starbase Fighter (Gentry Software)

- Up 'n Down (Sega)


Thanks to djmat56 we now have the following cassette dumps:


- Airstrike II (English Software)

- Attack of the Mutant Camels (Llamasoft)

- Caverns of Khafka (Cosmi)

- Diamonds (English Software)

- Spy Hunter (US Gold)

- Tapper (US Gold)

- Zone X (Gremlin Graphics)


and thanks to fujidude we now have the following cassette dump:


- Clowns & Balloons (Datasoft)

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Yes, the cartridge files flagged as CAR files (currently all of them) have header data.


As for the level 6 bug, according to Digital Press:


On the radioactive waste level (level 6), if you try to walk into by the radioactive waste tank, the wall will stop you. But if you jump up and do a certain series of moves and then retrace your steps, part of your hat will be inside the tank wall. If you turn right, you could make him walk through the tank wall and into the radioactive waste.

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Thanks to djmat56 for bringing us a ton more UK cassette goodness:


- Advanced Pinball Simulator (Code Masters)

- Ballblazer (Activision)

- Boulder Dash (Prism Leisure Corporation)

- Captain Sticky's Gold (English Software)

- Chimera (Firebird)

- Cosmic Pirate (Byte Back)

- Danger Ranger (Microdeal)

- Dizzy Dice (Players)

- Feud (Bulldog Software)

- Grand Prix Simulator (Code Masters)

- Gun Law (Mastertronic)

- IQ (CRL)

- Lone Raider, The (Atari)

- Los Angeles SWAT (Mastertronic)

- Mirax Force (Tynesoft)

- NATO Commander (US Gold)

- Nightmares (Byte Back)

- Rescue on Fractalus (Activision)

- Speed Run (Byte Back)

- Superman: The Game (Prism Leisure Corporation)

- Transmuter (Code Masters)

- Zaxxon (US Gold)

- Zero Wars (Byte Back)


And a big thanks to Kr0tki for cleaning up the above CAS files as well as providing some extensive Polish cassette dumps of his own:


- A.D. 2044 (L.K. Avalon)

- Adax (L.K. Avalon)

- Alfa-Boot (StanBit)

- Bang! Bank! (Mirage Software)

- Barahir (L.K. Avalon)

- Barbarian (L.K. Avalon)

- Centurion (Sikor Soft)

- Cywilizacja (Mirage Software)

- Drop It! (Sonix)

- Global War (L.K. Avalon)

- Hans Kloss (L.K. Avalon)

- Inside (Spektra)

- Inspektor (Orkus Software)

- Jaffar (Mirage Software)

- Krucjata (ASF)

- Living Daylights, The (Mirage Software)

- Magia (Mirage Software)

- Magia Krysztalu (ASF)

- Master Head (Sonix)

- Microx (L.K. Avalon)

- Miecze Valdgira II (ASF)

- Neron (L.K. Avalon)

- Operation Blood (Mirage Software)

- Panther (L.K. Avalon)

- Przemytnik (ASF)

- Riot (Domain Software)

- Robbo (L.K. Avalon)

- Ship (Mirage Software)

- Super Fortuna (Mirage Software)

- Tron (Mirage Software)


There's more to come including some super rare disk titles some of which have never been dumped in their original form!

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@Dragon375 - I'll try to get a new torrent out this weekend. Actually getting information verified and into the list is consuming all of the time I have for Atari work at the moment :-)


@R.Cade - I am keeping track of the country of release (e.g. US, GB, PL, etc.) Where I have confirmed a title is PAL-only, the filename will have a (PAL) qualifier. I will need to rely a bit on the Atari community to report back when they find cases where a title only works on NTSC or PAL and is not flagged as such. There are simply too many dumps at this point for me to go through and do it all myself :-P

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