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PS3 and a controller at Goodwill for $25, it doesn't work


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When I try to power it up, I get yellow light for a second then flashing red light. Nothing else comes up, no response to disc eject (looks like disc inside?), no picture or sound at all. I can hear the fan running and that's all.


Dead? It's a fat PS3, I think the second version as it has 120GB hard drive.

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It's the yellow light of death. Happens when the soldier holding the GPU to the motherboard cracks. You can send it off to have it 'reballed' but it'll run around $100+ to have it done professionally and it'll probably break again within 6 months. At this point, I'd never buy a used Fat PS3. They're all at 'end of life,' even the ones that have been babied.

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fat PS3 BC is really meh. I have the 80 GB one that dropped the GPU and just did software emulation and I have to many games that don't work on it at all. I just bought a PS2 Slim to replace my phatty PS2 and haven't looked back. PS2 Slim is a great little machine and easy to find space for

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Yeah, the YLOD is bad news. You can have the system reballed but it's expensive and probably more trouble than it's worth. Do you really want to pay $150 to have this energy-sucking behemoth revived? You're probably better off just getting a new PS3 and sticking with your PS2 for old games.

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