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TG-16 Season 5 Round 4: Devils Crush


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TG-16 Season 5 Round 4 : Devils Crush





Settings: Fast Ball

ROM: Devil's Crush.rar

Manual: devil's crush.pdf (English)

Round Ends: Feb 22 Midnight PST


Standard HSC Rules: No continues..codes or cheats.

Pics are not required but requested.


1. dartkur 32,078,000 +25

2. coleco1981 24,247,100 +24

3. LidLikesIntellevision 14,106,900 +23

4. Nikon 11,071,400 +22

5. stardust4ever 9,359,700 +21

6. DonPedro 7,578,200 +20

7. jblenkle 3,580,400 +19

8. battr92 2,678,000 +18

9. roadrunner 1,229,200 +17


1. coleco1981 [95] (4) (1)

2. DonPedro [89] (4) (2)

3. NIKON [88] (4)

4. LidLikesIntellevision [83] (4)

5. roadrunner [76] (4)

6. darthkur [72] (3) (1)

7. Battra92 [64] (3)

8. jblenkle [55] (3)

9. jibbajaba [22] (1)

10. S.BAZ [21] (1)

11. stardust4ever [21] (1)

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Here's my top five high score table on Wii VC. I played the hell out of it for a while, from a few years back when VC was all the rave. Since we are on honor system, I will confess these were all probably recorded on normal speed, not fast, so they're not valid per the entry rules for competition purposes... :P


I'll give the Turbo a go later this week and see what I can get in fast mode, since I do own the original game now. Best 16-bit pinball sim ever! :grin:


I'll post my old VC scores to give you something to shoot for anyway. A cool 15 million! :evil:


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9,359,700. Late last night, I had another whack at it, way past my bedtime. Real TurboGrafx console. Fast mode. Had a pretty solid game. Missed 10 million by that much:



Stayed up most of the night. I tried and failed multiple times to break 10 mil and didn't even come close... :P


EDIT: Is the tint on my TV/console off or is it my crappy cell phone? It looks a lot more pinkish in the photo than you guy's other screenshots. Looked fine IRL.

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