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Recently acquired a Tandy RadioShack Color Computer 2


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So I've let this project run dormant for a bit, but I've noticed this item on ebay - a replacement power supply. I have to be a little careful with the cash for a bit, but if there is still one available on February 10th I think I'll pick it up, if folks on here think this has a shot at solving my "dead" drive problem. What do you think?


For some reason the forum is not allowing me to paste the link to the ebay item...

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  • 7 years later...

I had a similar problem with a 3029 drive. It was all a matter of connecting the ribbon cable properly. After several variations I found the one that worked: middle connector (B) to the controller and the end connector to the drive, as the 3029 apparently has to be the final drive. If the end connector doesn't work one way turn it upside down.

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