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Project One - Source Code


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Well, years ago we said we'd release the source. So here it is.


Project One.zip


This is the complete source build for the Loader, Title Screen and the Game Engine (with level one data) of our failed shooter. It has many flaws, not least of which is the complete lack of sub-pixel object movement. Still, we learned a lot about 'what not to do' - so if anything, look at this as a failed way to make a shoot em up ;)

We'll get this moved to the web site when we eventually update it.



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wow, you're feeling brave this moring.


one thing that would make P1 instantly 20x better, would be to junk my ugly arse tiles and grab any old stuff from the many online repositories that have decent stuff... I was used to the constraints of 16 ST colours and Degas... this "paint shop pro" thing and 200 of 256 colours thing and I was like...




I think it was a common theme throughout the 3 months or so we worked on it :0)

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Well, unlike the two other gentlemen I have no words to describe my feelings, so over to Spiderman it is then.


Reboot, when first started tilemap.s (which became a shooter in the process):




Reboot, while reading the docs and trying to suss out the hardware:






Reboot, while planning/project management:






Reboot, coming to terms with the cold reality:






Yours truly, when given the task to "design" the enemy patterns:




...and so on and so forth...

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