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I'll stop for today (this time I promise). Just some questions, hopefully the developer could answer:


First I thought the difficulty doesnt change at all, but it seems that the distance between the pipes becomes shorter, is that right or just a feeling from me? And if there is a growing difficulty, is there a highest level? If yes, how far do I have to come to see the difficulty? And last but not least: What is the highest known score? I am pretty sure you got far beyond my score while testing.


Its a VERY addictive game. Received it today and its one of my favourite homebrews directly.


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I think he needs to buy a Intellivision and Flapee Bird :D But I would be happy to challenge with him and anybody else. I am sure our "oldtimers" could get good scores too if they try it hard enough. If you can beat 40 pipes you can beat 240 too. Its no joke, the difficulty climbs very slow and the only problem is to stay focused.

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Finally played this today too. Have never played the iOS version either. I am not good at this. My son laughed at my playing skills. My high score was 16 I believe. ? looks good though, and I'll dig deeper on this when I have some more time

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