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Just would like to say that Princess Quest on Intellivision is amazing. I'd really rather it than the Coleco (or MSX) versions. The playability is better, even with the inty disc! Congrats to nanochess for this blockbuster!


The artwork is great but the definition of text on the box is not good (inferior than the text on flapee bird in comparison). Is there a problem with printing?


Keep up the good work Oscar and feel free to use the Princess Quest engine in another platform game. Why not Ghosts'n Goblins? It is just an idea ... :)

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Hope to get my 3 soon not that the two box styles are in.



I received both variants of PQ as well as FB. Haven't had a chance to play either yet, though. Maybe Sunday.

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I received both variants of PQ as well as FB. Haven't had a chance to play either yet, though. Maybe Sunday.

When did you get yours?

Still anxiously awaiting my 3 and I'm also in the Midwest...so maybe I see mine soon? :)

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For level 1 boss, you'll have to figure out his pattern to avoid his body and his projectiles.

For the 2nd boss, you'll need to survive through out the level after getting the morning star weapon. It'll penetrate through the leaves destroying them and hitting the boss in one shot. It'll make the boss a lot easier.

3rd boss is the hardest of all the bosses. Try to collect all 5 crosses before getting the gold armor. The gold armor will have a few second left once the boss is spawn. It's very very hard to dodge his projectiles. I lose the most lives against this Lightning Armor of doom. Don't collect the triple arrow if you're still holding the morning star weapon.

4th boss, collect the boomerang and survive to the boss. This weapon will break the boss's rocks and heart will sometime spawn. This boss is the most easiest boss once you have the boomerang. I only made it to him in the Colecovision version.

5th boss, I don't remember much. There is a boomerang weapon and gold armor.. or that gold armor is in stage 4... I don't recall. I did beat him in the Colecovision version and got the ending.

Hopes this helps a bit.

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