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Pro(c) Atari Issue #5 - English and German


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I am glad to let you know that issue #5 will be sent to the printers tomorrow.


This will be both the German AND English magazines as we have been able to create a simultaneous release this time.


If you haven't ordered before, you can contact Markus at 8bit<at>proc-atari<dot>de and he will let you know the full costs together with postage for your country.


He also offers back issues if you want to catch up with issues #1 to #4. This is also a good way of minimising the postage costs.


Please note that this is a not-for-profit magazine and so your support is appreciated. It is currently making a loss and so it would be great if you could support the magazine through purchasing some of the software / music that it has to offer.


If anyone wants to advertise within the magazine, please contact the above address and Markus will let you know the costs.


And thank you all for your support. It may be a cheesy line, but we couldn't do this without you.










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Where do we order/pay?





Hi Firedawg, you can send an email off to : Z8bitZ@Zproc-atari.Zde (remove all 'Z' characters) stating what you would like to order.


Markus will then let you know how much it costs together with the postage to the United States from Germany. You can use PayPal to pay.


Usually you'll be better off if you order a few at a time as the postage (I believe) generally outweighs the cost of the magazine. You can still order issues #1 to #4 if you've not got them already.


As Markus is currently sleeping, is there anyone else here from the US that knows how much a mag plus postage to the US is? (I don't touch the ordering side of things).

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I'll order once my issue 4 shows up, it's been much longer since I ordered than the first three

I just received an email this evening from markus apologizing for the delay in shipping. He was getting over an illness, but is shipping it out tomorrow.

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Just in-case you haven't heard about issue #4, here's a video preview of the magazine... (Issue #5 hasn't been printed and delivered just yet)


And just in-case you didn't know, here's a Facebook group for Pro© Atari.


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Hallo maniacs...


as Steve already told you: Issue #5 is ready.

The first time in our history we finish german + english edition the same day.

So both editions are available from NOW on!


The formerly known contributers plus new one set up a nice issue for you:


Remember ANKH? This game carries so many secrets - here we got them.

As oldie from Mastertronic our new contributer Jan wrote a nice feature on his fave BOMB FUSION, released in 1989.

When I dig into my disk boxes I just found, there are two different games named SHIT - find both compared and presented now.

Kieren dig out Ed Fries and featur ehim with a nice overview, interview and game features from the author.

Fred Meijer done a nice travel report from days back of dutch Stichting Pokey to a meeting in England. A really funny report with all troubles happened.

And also we done some great game features, this time on Special Forces - Operation Blood II and Logisitk next to a report to Zador & Zador II with all differences.

Also we feature our Limited Boxed Games Disk Editions of Caveblaster+, Thetris/Rolltris and the new Ransack.

And finally again a massive Magazine Disk feature.


Not forget the massive cool artwork done again by KAZ!


The prices:


Germany incl. postage Euro 3,00

World incl. postage Euro 5,00


or see attached photos. We got also now a limited edition of the great issue #1 cover.

It is a nice baseball-T-Shirt (brand: Fruit Of The Loom, 100% cotton) in size S, M, L, XL or XXL

As supporters offer:


Shirt + PRO© ATARI issue #5 Euro 20,00 incl. postage


Payment by PayPal to 8bit@proc-atari.de

If you want to wire by bank transfer drop me a PM at the same adress.


Still available:

(if you want several things please ask for total postage):

PRO© ATARI Issue #1 - Euro 1,50

PRO© ATARI Issue #2 - Euro 1,50

PRO© ATARI Issue #3 - Euro 1,50

PRO© ATARI Issue #4 - Euro 1,50

CAVEBLASTER+ Disk - Euro 15,00

THETRIS/ROLLTRIS Disk - Euro 18,00

RANSACK Disk - Euro 15,00



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Is everything ok Markus?! Not heard from you on the mails for a couple of weeks (I've sent you more articles) and not had my Issue #5 yet (and Ransack) :_( Hopefully you are just locked in the Atari room printing out all the copies of Pro© ;)


He's been really busy with his business, he's just getting back into Pro© again now.

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