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Not quite Dactyl


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Here are some deco for the CD-R and its DVD box:


This time I found on a real gem: an Atari ad for Joust from the eighties: so kitsch!


I decided to modify it a bit to add it on the back of the DVD sleeve instead of the usual 4 screenshots.

The original piece of Atari history (and totally kitsch) AHHi.jpg


the DVD sleeve:MziI.jpg

The CD cover:


Don't play Joust...Live it :D

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  • 8 months later...

Hey I loaded this up, Joust with sound now for the Jaguar? Oh yeh!!


The samples (which I get the impression are stand in) basically all fired at the right time.


We had the opening "music" which was about as much music as the Arcade had.


You had the hitting effects, teleporting, clashing, picking up effect, award effect, the effect when the floating islands disappear, and the Dactyl sound effect. You had the running sound effect when your mount is running on the ground but no flapping sound effect.


My only suggestion to whoever brings in the final sound samples is this: The ST version graphically was close to the Arcade and the gameplay was fairly close. The sound in the early ST games let's admit (especially with Joust and Star Raiders) was sub par. The hitting sound effect in Joust for example sounds like a hitting effect on an Intellivision.


Love the Intellivision and on a 10 bit system (or whatever it is) that sound effect is great. On a 64 bit Jaguar, not so much. :D


So if you have to add samples anyway, why not sample the Arcade effects (or a better version).


Hell, even the Atari 8-bit sound effects were better than the ST effects and I'd be happy to make samples from that.

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How about when I get it working I post the samples here...


Then you can grab the arcade and a8 samples for the equivalent sound effects, and I'll add a menu so you can select how you'd like the game to sound (ST, A8, Arcade) ?


Lets get some teamwork here! :P

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  • And here's the samples from the ST version - feel free to make me another set from a different version



A lot of these sounds are pretty good. What was "JoustOc" supposed to be? I don't hear much from that one.


If we make another set is this the way the files need to be named?

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Awesome. Will see what I can do.


In the meantime, I was checking for arcade sounds and found quite a few. Particularly at this website...




We could even have a 2600 set. Actually the sounds were surprisingly better than I remembered.

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Currently have 11 Atari8 Joust sound samples (working on it now)


From the ST sounds, here is the best I was able to figure out on what they do. I might just put the Atari8 Joust sounds and say "Egg Open sound" ect.


0a - Flap

0b - Chirp

0c - small beeo

0d - ?

Oe - opening music

Of - ?

01 - ding

02 - Dactyl Explosion

03 - Dactyl

04- Teleport

05 - Small Explosion

06 - Hit

07 - ?

08 - Pick up

09 - Small beep higher

JStart- Start

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